No Room For DoubtLast night I had an opportunity to complete a writing session with a young, aspiring writer. She is so bright and full of awesome literary ideas. I definitely wish her all the luck in the world. One thing, however, that continued to appear in our conversation was her constant inquiry regarding what she would or should write. Her inquiries were merely from a place of doubt; a place of uncertainty in her ability to convey her message. I remember when I first began writing. The process can seem a bit daunting to beginners, heck even to veteran writers, but there is never room for doubt in the process.

As a writing coach, one thing I never do is tell a person what to write. I have no issues with providing guidance on ensuring what is written is clear, easy flow, structurally accurate and/or grammatically correct, but I never want to take away the genuineness and authenticity of the writer’s thought. I mean, the written piece has to be what the writer wants, not me. I’m not writing the piece. My thoughts are not their thoughts. My ideas will never be the idea of another writer. She would start off her inquiries with, “I don’t know how to say…”. Each time, I’d repeat to her, “Just say it and as you say it write it down.” And each time, she’d come up with the perfect, clear, and concise way to pose her message. It was as simple as just doing it. True enough the writing process also includes an editing period, but that has nothing to do with the start of the process. Even if what she wrote wasn’t the finished product, she had to put the doubt aside and just write.

Removing doubt is apart of every endeavor. Whether your passion is to be a writer, painter, doctor, caregiver, seamstress, cook, or whatever, doubt will do you no good. It will simply keep you from propelling as far as you can go. Imagine how much more room you make when you remove doubt from your life. You open up doors for more productivity, more positive outcomes, more positive relationships, less stress, and more. For my aspiring writer, it was keeping her from actually producing some good literary ideas. By the end of our session, I was personally proud of what she’d produced. And I could see from the look on her face that she was also pleased that she was closer to her goal of starting up her blog and sharing her message with the masses.

Today if you’re having any doubt about anything in your life, find a way to get rid of it. It may require you to pray. It may require you to change your way of thinking. Think of the limitations it’s creating for you as you work towards a particular goal or passion. Remove the doubt and make room for all the good that will follow!