Lakisha JohnsonGrind is one word. When you add passion in front of the word, it takes on a much greater meaning. When I first met today’s Passion Living: In Living Color interviewee, Lakisha Johnson, I knew immediately her purpose was greater than the room in which we stood. The more I’ve followed her, her passion exudes from her very being. From every day inspirational Facebook posts to awesome books displaying her passion, she’s definitely passion grinding! Check out her interview below and be inspired not to do Lakisha’s passion, but to live your passion as passionately as Lakisha does…

Passionista: What do you consider to be your passion?
Lakisha: My passion is writing. I don’t limit it to one specific genre of writing because God has given me the gift of writing without a limit.

Passionista: Can you recall when you first realized it was your passion? Do you feel you’ve always been in tune with it?

Lakisha: I think I’ve always realized my passion but I never truly tapped into it until I started writing devotionals 3 years ago. I’ve always written poems for other people, occasions for church programs and things like that but it never truly manifested until I actually truly accepted the assignment God was giving me.

Passionista: Did you ever try to ignore or distance yourself from your passion?

Lakisha: YES! That’s because even though my passion is writing, it also came with a calling from God to reach out to His people and that was scary. For me to step out on faith and start a devotional blog, me! Yes, I tried for a long time to ignore it but God had other plans.

Passionista: What or who pushed you to follow your passion?

Lakisha: I can honestly say my love for God and the people who truly encourage me. I am surrounded by people who push me daily and even when I feel like I have nothing to offer, they show up. When I feel like I am simply just a person, God intensifies the anointing in me which then allows me to go on. I am only a simple person but God chose me, me of all people so I have no choice but to follow.

Passionista: If you could describe the way your passion makes you feel in one word, what word would you choose?

Lakisha: Amazing!

Passionista: Depending on if you share your passion with others, what was the defining moment that you decided you wanted others to see or feel your passion?

Lakisha: When I finally realized, it’s not about me! See, I was so caught up in what others would say, how they would feel or even how they would accept me but when I realized that it’s not about Lakisha, things started happening, stuff started changing and lives were affected, in a positive way; I had no choice but to share it.

Passionista: How do you balance your passion with your family life and other personal responsibilities?

Lakisha: I have a very strong support system in my husband which allows me the opportunity to balance everything and I don’t accept more than what I can handle.

Passionista: What are some of your past, current, or upcoming projects that display your passion?

Lakisha: My devotional blog,; 2 self-published devotionals: Doses of Devotion and You Only Live Once and 2 published fiction novels: A Secret Worth Keeping and A Secret Worth Keeping 2 (releasing 6/10/14) – All of the books can be found on Amazon.

Passionista: What have been some of your greatest challenges, if any, in following your passion?

Lakisha: Myself because I can be my biggest obstacle especially when I over think and over analyze everything.

Passionista: How did you overcome those challenges?

Lakisha: Again, by realizing, that it’s not about me (which I have to sometimes repeat over and over in a day).

Passionista: Do you ever think you’ll stop living your passion out loud?

Lakisha: No, because there are too many places I have to go and too many people I’ve yet to meet that need to know who I am.

Passionista: How do you feel your passion inspires others?

Lakisha: By showing them that they can do whatever they allow themselves to do.

Passionista: If you could give some advice to individuals that desire to live their passion(s) out loud, what would it be?

Lakisha: Just go! My devotional on 6/2/14 was titled “Just Go” because so many times we miss out on the things that God has for us because we won’t go. Sometime God doesn’t have a reason for sending us places because all He wants to see is if we will actually go. So I will tell anyone, don’t pass on your passion by pushing it off, go! You’ll never know what you can be if you won’t go to see. You’ll never know what you can do if you won’t go to do it. Try it and even if you happen to fall a few times along the way, fall with the faith that you can get up and go again.

Passionista: Have you been able to expand your passion into other things? If so, elaborate.

Lakisha: Yes, every day when I am able to blog, share my thoughts with the many friends on Facebook and to the many who purchase my books. Attending book festivals and even sharing with others who reach out to me.

Passionista: What do you hope to be doing with your passion in ten years?

Lakisha: Sharing it with others through books, movies, magazines, plays, speaking and maybe even teaching. Where ever God sends me because I’ll go!


Lakisha, thank you for sharing your story with the readers. It has definitely been inspiring.

And readers, if you didn’t get the motivation to begin or continue living your passion out loud from this interview, I encourage you to read it again and again. Don’t let your own fears, denial, or doubt get in the way of your own happiness. Live out loud and live it passionately!