I LOVE THIS SONG! HECK, I LOVE WHITNEY! 😉 I can always find a relation between one of her songs and a topic I’m writing on.

Yesterday, I was posed with the opportunity to become someone’s mentor. At the age of 32, I’ve been asked a few times, yet each time I wonder what have I done that makes me even qualified to mentor someone. What is it that people see in me that make me capable of mentoring someone on their journey? I start to list all of the things that just might make me qualified. My accomplishments, my background, my struggles, my upbringing, my morals, etc. And at the end of my list, I still conclude that I don’t know why they asked me.

Yesterday it hit me though, why not me? Every one has something to offer someone else. Someone or some people have mentored or are mentoring me, so what makes me incapable of mentoring someone? Absolutely nothing. I have some skills and experiences that I have acquired over time that may be very meaningful to someone else’s development. In most cases, I’m asked to mentor someone younger than myself, which made me think of Whitney’s song. The first couple of  lines of one of the verses is: “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” That’s the key.

That’s what motivated me to respond to the inquiry with a big fat, whopping YES… I’m just as responsible to help others to the best of my ability. Heck, it should be a passion of everyone. To help others along their way. If I hadn’t had the mentors when I was coming up, how would I have become the whole person that I am today? I wouldn’t have. I look forward to taking on the challenge in sharing and providing guidance to my new mentee. Furthermore, I look forward to learning more about myself because of the experience with the mentee.

As relates to you and your passion, that’s a great start to begin mentoring someone. There is always someone out there that may look up to you in what you do with your passion. Your experiences with it may be greater than theirs therefore you’ve got some knowledge to share. If you are approached or know of someone who wants to follow a passion similar to yours, offer your guidance, insight, experience (that’s if they’re willing to listen). It’s our responsibility as humans to assist those around us that are trying to grow just the same as you did!