ShoesWear. My. Shoes. For. A. Day.

Are they too tight, too light, or too much might behind each step

Wear my shoes for a day

I’m sure they won’t fit, they’re tailored for my spirit; my fate; the direction for my life

Wear my shoes for a day

Be sure not to trip, slip, or plummet into any cracks or potholes with them on

I’ve worn my shoes every day

The steps aren’t always as easy as the day before, but somehow they continue to stay on

See it’s easy for someone else to tell you when, where, why, or how you should wear your shoes

You can’t buy the shoes that are made for me and I can’t pay for yours either

Wear my shoes for a day

And you’ll find you’ll want yours back

My shoes are my shoes and your shoes are yours

Be sure yours are tied, clean, and ready to keep stepping

Wear them comfortably and don’t lose your way trying to wear mine

You’ll wear yours

I’ll wear my shoes

And our shoes will remain clearly defined