futureYou’ve tripped.

You’ve stumbled.

You’ve fallen on your knees more times than once.

Yet, today you stand again!

Those trips and stumbles, and falls may have been the mistakes you’ve made in your life. We all make them. Heck, if you don’t feel like you have, check your knees again. I’m sure there are some residual marks left behind… 😉

We are all imperfect beings, capable of making decisions that aren’t always in the best interest of ourselves. Whether those decisions were well-informed decisions or not, they were made, and in some instances, resulted in consequences we wish we never had to encounter. Here’s the good news in this point. Without those mistakes; those ugly little consequences wouldn’t have occurred and you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in life.  Hopefully, when you reflect on those mistakes, you are able to evaluate them and pull the silver lining out. There’s one in every cloud, as they say. Your mistakes formulate your future in a way that nothing else can. You become more equipped to make better decisions in similar situations or just more analytical to decide what’s best for you. What the true intent would be, is to lessen the mistakes; to experience fewer consequences; thereby becoming better than yesterday. You become stronger than you could have ever imagined! Don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes of your past or even your present, but know that learning from each will better prepare you for your future; they will nurture your future ~ propel you to the next destined level of life for you.

As we enter into this week, use the time as a reflective moment. In between work, the family events, the errand running, and the leisure time, think about your past in a way that gives you the tools to plan for your future! It’ll make you more passionate about the outcome of your future!

You’ll trip.

You’ll stumble.

You’ll fall on your knees more times again.

Yet, YOU WILL stand again!


Until the next post, continue to live out loud as it is the KEY to all the happiness in the world!