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May 2014


candyWho says you can’t REACH your goals?

Today I was riding with my daughter on the way to drop her off at the sitter’s before work. It’s Spring time in the South, thus my sinuses were flared up as usual.


I asked, “Please pass mommy a Kleenex from the box next to your booster seat.”

She politely responded, “Yes mommy!” She reached her short little six-year-old arm out to me and continued, “Here you go!” While she followed through perfectly with obeying mother’s request, there was one little snag in our process. Since I was driving her reach was just a bit too short. I didn’t want to take my eyes off the road to turn around and reach for the Kleenex.

“Can you reach a little bit more for mommy to get the Kleenex?” I inquired.

Her response was, “This is as far as I can reach.”

I snickered a bit because I knew she could reach further. I’d seen her do it time and time again in the past. For whatever reason this morning she didn’t want to be as cooperative as she usually was with this request. “Yes you can, try it.” She did as told and I was finally able to get the Kleenex, keep my eyes on the road and end my distracting sinus moment.

To prove a point to her, at a stop light, I placed my right hand in front of the passenger seat where she couldn’t see what was or was not it. I followed with, “Baby, I have some candy up here. Can you reach to get it?” As suspected she immediately put all the girth she could into reaching all the way past the passenger seat for my hand that held the invisible candy. Once she did that I replied, “I don’t really have any candy, but I wanted you to see that you could reach as far as you wanted to if you wanted to.” She just smiled really hard because she clearly got my point.

Thus the point of this post, following your passion or obtaining your goals is just like my daughter reaching for that invisible candy. If you really want something bad enough you’ll reach whatever lengths, heights, etc to get to your goal or follow your passion. She didn’t make an excuse when she thought the goal was to get some candy. Your success is dependent on the same premise. You can’t make excuses and expect to reach your goals. You can’t believe your reach is as short as a six-year-old and think you’re going to make it to the finish line. Today I encourage you to reach as high, as wide, as long as you have to. Reach until you just CAN’T reach anymore. Not until you just don’t feel like reaching anymore. Your happiness depends on it. Treat your goals, your passion, your life as if the end result is the sweetest piece of candy you’ll ever taste.

Until the next post Passionistas, live life out loud and live it passionately! You’ll be glad you did! 😉


Wear My Shoes For A Day

ShoesWear. My. Shoes. For. A. Day.

Are they too tight, too light, or too much might behind each step

Wear my shoes for a day

I’m sure they won’t fit, they’re tailored for my spirit; my fate; the direction for my life

Wear my shoes for a day

Be sure not to trip, slip, or plummet into any cracks or potholes with them on

I’ve worn my shoes every day

The steps aren’t always as easy as the day before, but somehow they continue to stay on

See it’s easy for someone else to tell you when, where, why, or how you should wear your shoes

You can’t buy the shoes that are made for me and I can’t pay for yours either

Wear my shoes for a day

And you’ll find you’ll want yours back

My shoes are my shoes and your shoes are yours

Be sure yours are tied, clean, and ready to keep stepping

Wear them comfortably and don’t lose your way trying to wear mine

You’ll wear yours

I’ll wear my shoes

And our shoes will remain clearly defined

Maya AngelouHow do you capture the whole essence of a being that impacted and inspired so many knowingly and unknowingly simply through words and their ability to carry themselves accordingly? Simple. You don’t.

Today I make no attempts to fully pay homage to the legacy of the woman the word knew as Maya Angelou. It’s impossible. Yet, I dare not miss the opportunity to make recognition. The impact on literature, the arts, and the human spirit made by, Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Johnson, is indescribably invaluable. In short and unfilled words, she was a phenomenal writer and author, activist, and woman.

In one of the many articles I read today on her ascension on May 28, 2014, I read that life was cumulative. Maya Angelou’s life is the perfect example of that. From tragic events as a young woman to exotic dancing to calypso performer to activist then poet, Ms. Angelou proved that life is redemptive. So many times we feel where we start is where we’ll end, but to learn of her death today reiterated that thought is just not so.

Her literary works such as “Phenomenal Woman” and “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” empowered so many. I can recall having to learn and/or recite these poems in primary and secondary school. All the while, feeling strength from the collection of words she was able to creatively display as a literary piece.

As a new author, I never realized how those words impacted my passion. But they did. What many don’t know is that writers let the world into their minds; their hearts; their souls. Our words become apart of someone else and people take claim to those emotions that are embedded in them. Ms. Angelou’s work clearly became apart of the world. Remembering her today left me no choice but to go back to those moments that I stood on stage or sat in a classroom to project her poems. Re-visiting those poems today left me inspired and encouraged that this world is mine for the taking with all the positive energy I can give.

To all my readers, please take a moment of silence following this read to recognize the long-lasting effects Maya Angelou’s life will have on literature and people as a whole. I can only pray I am able to leave even a miniscule impact to that Ms. Angelou has. RIP Maya Angelou. Thank you for everything!

How Will I Know?

How will I know if he really loves me

I say a prayer with every heart beat

I fall in love whenever we meet

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know you’re wondering why I’m posting lyrics to the late Whitney Houston’s hit song, “How Will I Know?” No, I haven’t found a man (YET) 😉 And I asked myself the same thing. Why am I thinking of Whitney Houston lyrics? It came to mind when I thought about the void I have been feeling lately since I haven’t been doing much writing. It was one of those moments that I was able to re-confirm my LOVE for writing; my passion.

That’s it people! Your passion is what you love!

It’s what makes you feel a bit incomplete when you’re not doing it. I haven’t written on this blog since early May. Shame on me. Emotionally I felt disconnected from myself because of it. As Ms. Houston’s song says, “I fall in love whenever we meet”. I get a feeling that no person or thing is able to give me. Not even my daughter (even though I love her unconditionally). The feeling is different. Every time I pick up a pen or sit down at a keyboard and spill over with the words that swim in my noggin… 😉  It’s not explainable and nor containable. It’s rooted in my soul and without it I’m not my complete self.

How will you know when you’ve found your passion? It’ll be the same thing. You’ll fall in love over and over again with it. You’ll be thinking of ways (praying even); of opportunities to take part in your passion. For those who are wondering what their passion is, it’ll come just like that. The feeling, the idea, the longing won’t leave you, even when life is so busy that you have no choice but to look at it from afar. The moment life slows down and you can get back to it, you’ll be in love once more…


You’ll Stand Again…

futureYou’ve tripped.

You’ve stumbled.

You’ve fallen on your knees more times than once.

Yet, today you stand again!

Those trips and stumbles, and falls may have been the mistakes you’ve made in your life. We all make them. Heck, if you don’t feel like you have, check your knees again. I’m sure there are some residual marks left behind… 😉

We are all imperfect beings, capable of making decisions that aren’t always in the best interest of ourselves. Whether those decisions were well-informed decisions or not, they were made, and in some instances, resulted in consequences we wish we never had to encounter. Here’s the good news in this point. Without those mistakes; those ugly little consequences wouldn’t have occurred and you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in life.  Hopefully, when you reflect on those mistakes, you are able to evaluate them and pull the silver lining out. There’s one in every cloud, as they say. Your mistakes formulate your future in a way that nothing else can. You become more equipped to make better decisions in similar situations or just more analytical to decide what’s best for you. What the true intent would be, is to lessen the mistakes; to experience fewer consequences; thereby becoming better than yesterday. You become stronger than you could have ever imagined! Don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes of your past or even your present, but know that learning from each will better prepare you for your future; they will nurture your future ~ propel you to the next destined level of life for you.

As we enter into this week, use the time as a reflective moment. In between work, the family events, the errand running, and the leisure time, think about your past in a way that gives you the tools to plan for your future! It’ll make you more passionate about the outcome of your future!

You’ll trip.

You’ll stumble.

You’ll fall on your knees more times again.

Yet, YOU WILL stand again!


Until the next post, continue to live out loud as it is the KEY to all the happiness in the world!

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