GrowthFor those that have been following me for a minute, you’re familiar with my constant emphasis on self-growth. Most of the things I produce as a writer are based on that topic. I believe that self-growth is the all-in-all purpose in life. I believe this is so not just myself, but for everyone that breathes. Why? Without self-growth there’s no true progress in life. And I believe that in relation to following my passion, my growth affects the way in which I’m able to follow my passion. It affects the way I am able to capitalize on my passion. It affects the rate of growth for my passion.


“My constant mission is to continue my personal and spiritual growth. Life means nothing to me if I’m not becoming better than yesterday. I’m purposeless if I don’t offer the my child; my family; the world a better me.”

My question to you today is, What’s a Passion Without Growth? Following your passion is all about securing your happiness, but with that you have to be in the business of becoming a better person each and every day. If you remain stagnant as a person, so will your passion. Your passion won’t see any fruits from your labor. Your growth not only affects the position of your passion, but everything else that you encounter. You practically have no passion if there is no growth. Personal growth is one of the most impacting aspects of life and the happiness and success found within it.

Today I urge you to make a conscious effort to ALWAYS work towards becoming a better you. Yesterday doesn’t define you, but assists in shaping who you are today and who you CAN be tomorrow. Make your efforts count. Don’t remain stagnant. Know that if you’re going to truly follow your passion and do it successfully, who you are matters.