mountainsHey Passionistas! Quick life lesson here.

The old saying, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’ has every truth behind it. It’s been proven time and time again. I’ve mentioned frequently on this blog how negative begets negative and positive begets positive. I’m a firm believer in this. Admittedly, the times in my life that I’ve been negative about my existing situations, were the times that things didn’t get better. It wasn’t until I committed to being positive about my situations (not easy to do, but I still committed) that my outcomes were much more desirable.

Recently, I encountered a young family member of mine that wasn’t getting the play time on the field at school as much as she’d like. She was understandably frustrated by it, but the disturbing part was watching her wallow in her frustration along with the refusal to support her team as she looked on from the bench. Now, don’t get me wrong, I completely understand what it feels like to be overlooked and under-supported, but I’ve learned wallowing, griping, and having a bad attitude never got anyone anywhere. A friend of mine reminded me of the legendary basketball star, Michael Jordan. He was overlooked, dismissed, and counted out in high school to play basketball. He could have easily formed a resentful attitude towards his coaches and life in general; considering the decision unfair and unjustified. However, he didn’t. As we all know the end of the story, Michael went on to play in college and ultimately pro basketball becoming undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players to ever touch a basketball. I’m going to be sure to share this story with my young female family member. She might not be ready to accept this truth, but hopefully it will resonate one day.

Michael’s story reminds me that in between that positive attitude and the point in which he achieved a greater altitude in life, there had to have been his gratitude; his appreciation for where he currently was in life. He appreciated that in his moments of disappointment, it was only temporary and that he had to remain focused on the altitude he was trying to achieve. Don’t stunt your growth and happiness in life simply because of a poor attitude and view on life. Today, I wanted to impress upon you as you follow your passion, look for that new job, mend relationships, etc that your ATTITUDE is tied in with your GRATITUDE and determines your ALTITUDE.

Continue being passionate about what you love and living out loud people! Know that whatever is going on today that isn’t desirable could quickly change tomorrow and make life that much more meaningful!