steakMost times in life there is something holding us back from our dreams. There’s a little voice in our head, a person, a thing, or a situation in our life that keeps us from moving full speed ahead towards a more meaningful, happy life. Today I want to consider all those things THE FAT in our lives.

I was preparing some steaks for dinner the other night (a treat really because it’s not something I usually eat), but in the preparation I knew I had to cut away any of the fat that pinned itself to the sides of the steak. Even though it’s a red meat and isn’t the healthiest of options, I wanted to make it as healthy as possible. I had no choice, but to cut the fat away. Life is no different. It’s not going to be perfect. The road to meeting your goals, living out your passion isn’t going to come without rough edges and fat that HAS to be cut away. That’s the only way to get to the goodness of life.

Start today being more cognitive of the fat in your life. Make a list and come up with ways to rid your life of that fat. It may be people. It may be a living situation that has to change. It may be a mindset that you have. It could possibly even be a job. Whatever it is, create a plan to remove it from your life. Put that fat on a timeline for removal. Don’t allow it to stay pinned to you.

It’s the only healthy way to live!