What’s A Passion Without Growth

For those that have been following me for a minute, you’re familiar with my constant emphasis on self-growth. Most of the things I produce as a writer are based on that topic. I believe that self-growth is the all-in-all purpose in life. I believe this is so not just myself, but for everyone that breathes.Continue reading “What’s A Passion Without Growth”

Attitude. Gratitude. Altitude.

Hey Passionistas! Quick life lesson here. The old saying, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude’ has every truth behind it. It’s been proven time and time again. I’ve mentioned frequently on this blog how negative begets negative and positive begets positive. I’m a firm believer in this. Admittedly, the times in my life that I’ve been negative aboutContinue reading “Attitude. Gratitude. Altitude.”

Passion Living: In Living Color: James Edward Woods, Jr.

This week’s Passion Living: In Living Color interview will be candid to say the least, but more importantly just as inspiring. When you believe in yourself; your passion nothing can nor will stop you. This week’s interviewee mimics this very idea. With a camera in one hand and passion in the other, James Edward Woods, Jr.Continue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: James Edward Woods, Jr.”

Getting Rid of the Fat…

Most times in life there is something holding us back from our dreams. There’s a little voice in our head, a person, a thing, or a situation in our life that keeps us from moving full speed ahead towards a more meaningful, happy life. Today I want to consider all those things THE FAT inContinue reading “Getting Rid of the Fat…”

Passion Lived Out Loud: RIP Karyn Washington and all the beautiful women that have inspired yet battled with their own despair

Today’s post is unusual for this site, but truly just as meaningful as any other post. One of today’s online trending topics is the  loss of  Karyn Washington; motivating founder of ForBrownGirls (www.forbrowngirls.com). I learned of Miss Washington through The#DarkSkinRedLipstick Project (www.darkskinredlip.com), which motivated black women to accept their beauty as a whole and notContinue reading “Passion Lived Out Loud: RIP Karyn Washington and all the beautiful women that have inspired yet battled with their own despair”

Be Bossy!

There’s a new trending topic as of late about being a ‘BOSS’. Most are referencing being in charge, to take charge, running things, etc. Bosses are usually considered to be the head of a team, department, or company. I’ve even heard a husband call his BOSS his wife, but I laugh and digress about thatContinue reading “Be Bossy!”