ChecklistLiving passionately out loud takes a lot of work. While I preach doing so every day, it’s shouldn’t be assumed that it’s an easy task. Life has so many twists and turns (as if you haven’t already learned that). And it usually has its own plan for our vision(s) and passion(s). Today I just wanted to be sure to drop a line or two on remaining steadfast to the goal (your passion) at hand. If you’re seriously committed to living a passionate life; a life that includes undisturbed happiness, then here’s a few tips that may help you along the way.

1. Remember the goal (PASSION) at hand. Don’t forget what makes you happy. It’s so easy to let life drift us further and further away from our shore of happiness. Don’t forget how to row your boat against the currents. The rowing will make you stronger and more aware of what’s important. Don’t forget your passion is your happiness and without it life means so much less than it has to. If your passion is to write regularly, then be sure to set daily goals in doing just that. Set aside some time, even if it’s only a few minutes, to dedicate towards your writing. The same goes for any passion that you’ve defined. Those smaller moments spent towards your passion drives the bigger picture.

2. Prioritize your daily responsibilities. Yes, we all have responsibilities. Children. Work. Family. Significant Others. It doesn’t matter what your daily responsibilities are, just prioritize what you can handle rationally. You may have to tell your child that you can’t take them to the park every day after school, if work calls for a few extra hours. Yes, they may be disappointed in the moment, but you’re also teaching them an important lesson in prioritizing responsibilities. And that doesn’t mean to never take them to the park, it just may mean you can’t do it every day. It’s all about balance. Plus, the balance that you create by prioritizing can fuel the time you’ll take towards your passion.

3. Don’t let the unexpected throw you for a loop. I can’t stress enough how life does what it wants regardless of what we desire. Everyone experiences loss (of all kinds) in life, unforeseen challenges, and more. The key to successfully taking on life’s unexpected is the way we react. It’s inevitable that change will happen. It’s inevitable that things will happen that we didn’t see coming, but you don’t have to react in such a way that compounds the unexpected. Stay grounded. Remember that everything is only temporary and soon enough the loop will straighten itself back out.

4. GIVE IT YOUR ALL! Living passionately out loud is all about giving it 100%. There will be days that you only have less than 100% to give, but if all your days combined give you a pretty good average, then you’re on your way to a continued life of living passionately out loud!

Meditate on these tips. And add others that fit your needs just perfect! Until the next post, keep inspiring me, others, and yourself! LIVE OUT LOUD!