This still reigns true. Thought I’d share it again… Please comment, share your experiences, and share with others.

Passion Living Out Loud

MP900402475 (1) Sometimes you can start out on one journey chasing after one dream, and stumble upon another journey. And even after you stumble upon that journey it can lead you down another road to a place you’d never dreamed of before. You may not have planned on taking that second or third journey. They sort of just appeared down the road as you traveled. They weren’t visible on your map when you first begun, as though you or someone forgot to tell you about them being ahead of you. The journey’s in themselves can all be positive exposures, equally fulfilling and satisfying. That’s what I think following your passion(s) can do for you. It’s a great feeling to be in search of one thing that will make you happy and learn along the way that there are many more things that can make you happy.

Case in point. As you’ll read…

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