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March 2014

It’s My Blogversary

blog_anniversary1I’m a little late on this post, but it still means the same to me. One of the things I always preach is appreciating and recognizing EVERY milestone you have in life. You don’t have to throw a party every time, but a simple recognition of what you’ve achieved is important. It helps you remember the times that aren’t as bright in between serve as reminders that a brighter day will always come. I don’t ever want to get to distant from myself that I can’t appreciate each and every milestone.

Today I wanted to recognize that on this day, one year and thirteen days ago, I started this blog: Passion Living Out Loud. My blog is finally one years old! Yay!!! It’s the all in all about living your passion out loud in my opinion and my experiences.

I started Passion Living Out Loud as a commitment to myself to do more non-fictional writing. I also wanted to spread the news of what living your passion out loud could do for you. One year later, my point still reigns true. I’m the happiest I’ve been and I am even more convinced that if I continue to follow my passion, happiness will ALWAYS be in my grasp, heck it may NEVER leave.

I’ve shared so many different aspects of following your passion on this blog. I’ve written step by step tips on living a passionate life. I’ve stressed using your passion for the benefit of others; giving back. I’ve discussed never giving up and always staying the course. I’ve even shared others passionate stories to prove that my theory is not crazy after all… 😉 After 116 posts to date (this one makes 117), the one thing I’m proud to say is that I’ve hopefully encouraged some people, ignited some passions, and proved that a person can create their own happiness. If you don’t take anything else from this post or any other post you ever read on my blog, remember that you are the author of your happiness. Your passion was given to you to make apart of your daily living. It’s yours and can’t be taken away, only ignored by you awaiting the moment you choose LIVE OUT LOUD! Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite posts and readers’ best choices. Feel free to comment, share, or just re-read for some daily inspiration.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has ever stopped by this page, ‘liked’ a post, shared with someone else or commented. Your actions have become nothing more than apart of the fire that stays lit under my feet. They help to keep me going and give me more reason to continue LIVING MY PASSION OUT LOUD!


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Passion Living: In Living Color: Sherri Scott

SherriI just love when I meet new people and they impress my life more than they’ll ever know. When I do meet those people I’m inclined to share their story to the world. I think it’s worth it! So… today meet Sherri Scott! Her interview should definitely inspire you to live your life out loud and do so with all the passion you can muster up!

PASSIONISTA: What is your passion?

SHERRI: My passion is encouraging people to seek out the best in and for themselves.

PASSIONISTA: I love that your passion isn’t necessarily tangible, but being in tune with people. What are some of your past or current projects that display your passion?

SHERRI: I’ve launched a ministry that I feel will help our most vulnerable population, tweens and teens, to advocate for their own healthy and prosperous futures. It specifically promotes sexual abstinence, but addresses other risky behaviors and is called Never Cast Your Pearls Ministries. The activities sponsored by this ministry are called Purity Oriented Workshops & Seminars (POWS). The ministry is a take-off from my first novel with the same title, Never Cast Your Pearls. The book is set in Memphis, TN and geared towards teens. It’s a fictional love story and it deals with how teens may view and deal with the hyper-sexual messages they receive today.

PASSIONISTA: Have you always known that you had a passion for inspiring others?

SHERRI: My passion was first identified as such when I had my daughter. I remember my own negative feelings and subsequent choices and decided then and there to pour positivity and the wisdom that came from some of my own poor choices into her. Because of certain things that took place in my young life, I grew up struggling with my own self-esteem. I’ve come to believe our call in life is quite often attached to a certain pain or trauma we have been allowed to experience. I say “allowed” because I believe anything that happens to us or in our lives is either God-ordained or God-allowed and has a specific purpose, a purpose that goes well beyond our own personal experience.

PASSIONISTA: If you could describe the way you feel about your passion in one word, what word would you choose?

SHERRI: I would choose the word EXPANDED.

PASSIONISTA: That’s interesting. I never would have guessed that word. Elaborate.

SHERRI: It’s odd, I know, but it’s perfect because I’m choosing to expand this passion far beyond my personal household.

PASSIONISTA: Do you consider yourself to be living your passion out loud? If yes, do you think you’ll ever stop living your passion out loud?

SHERRI: I certainly believe I’m living my passion out loud! I’m finding that true confidence actually has little to do with the superficial things we tend to count on, but rather, what you allow God to do through you to help others. This ministry is allowing me to touch lives and use a creativity I didn’t realize existed. I’m blessed.

PASSIONISTA: Who or what inspired you the most to live out your passion?

SHERRI: That would be my daughter, Taelor. I want to be the best I can be for her, be an example of all I teach and preach.

PASSIONISTA: Children can do it every time. My daughter had the same impression on me; making me want to be better every day. How do you feel your passion inspires others outside of your daughter?

SHERRI: I think it gives people the permission to start their own ministries or write their own books. If I did it, they can too!

PASSIONISTA: What have been some of your greatest challenges, if any, in following your passion and how did you over come them?

SHERRI: With the book, my biggest challenge was trying to write in a way that would appeal to teens. I’m old enough to be a grandmother to some of them, so hopefully you can imagine my difficulty. As far as the ministry, my biggest fear was that no one would show. Not one ticket was sold on Eventbrite. But then I remembered that if God gave me the vision, the place to have it, and the people to facilitate it, He would definitely send those that needed to hear the message. And He did! Approximately 50 teens converged at the appointed location and all but two said they would use what they learned to abstain from sexual activity, at least during this time in their lives.

PASSIONISTA: If you could give advice to individuals that desire to live their passion(s) out loud, what would it be?

SHERRI: Realize that if God has given you a vision or a story, that’s His call on your life. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s and even if others are doing the same, no one can do it quite like you. Just face the fear and uncertainty and go for it. The only failure is NOT doing it.

PASSIONISTA: Words of wisdom, Sherri. It’s all about following what you KNOW is for you to do. Have you been able to EXPAND your passion into other things?

SHERRI: I’m in the process of taking POWS to other parts of the Memphis area. The next one will take place in North Memphis (June 2014), West Memphis (September 2014), East Memphis (December 2014), and Mid-town (February 2015). Other abstinence awareness activities are being planned around and between the workshops. I’m incredibly excited.

PASSIONISTA: As you should be. Your ministry is definitely a NEED and I feel it’s definitely going to grow greater than you could ever imagine. What do you hope to be doing with your passion in ten years?

SHERRI: I hope, in ten years, to have written several other exciting novels and taken the message of Never Cast Your Pearls Ministries and POWS all over the US. Helping just one is reason enough for me!

PASSIONISTA: Sherri, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Continue living passionately out loud and inspiring others to do the same!

Well, if you weren’t inspired by her interview, GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN, because her message is strong and spews nothing but inspiration to live your passion out loud!


4 Tips For Living A Passionate Life…

ChecklistLiving passionately out loud takes a lot of work. While I preach doing so every day, it’s shouldn’t be assumed that it’s an easy task. Life has so many twists and turns (as if you haven’t already learned that). And it usually has its own plan for our vision(s) and passion(s). Today I just wanted to be sure to drop a line or two on remaining steadfast to the goal (your passion) at hand. If you’re seriously committed to living a passionate life; a life that includes undisturbed happiness, then here’s a few tips that may help you along the way.

1. Remember the goal (PASSION) at hand. Don’t forget what makes you happy. It’s so easy to let life drift us further and further away from our shore of happiness. Don’t forget how to row your boat against the currents. The rowing will make you stronger and more aware of what’s important. Don’t forget your passion is your happiness and without it life means so much less than it has to. If your passion is to write regularly, then be sure to set daily goals in doing just that. Set aside some time, even if it’s only a few minutes, to dedicate towards your writing. The same goes for any passion that you’ve defined. Those smaller moments spent towards your passion drives the bigger picture.

2. Prioritize your daily responsibilities. Yes, we all have responsibilities. Children. Work. Family. Significant Others. It doesn’t matter what your daily responsibilities are, just prioritize what you can handle rationally. You may have to tell your child that you can’t take them to the park every day after school, if work calls for a few extra hours. Yes, they may be disappointed in the moment, but you’re also teaching them an important lesson in prioritizing responsibilities. And that doesn’t mean to never take them to the park, it just may mean you can’t do it every day. It’s all about balance. Plus, the balance that you create by prioritizing can fuel the time you’ll take towards your passion.

3. Don’t let the unexpected throw you for a loop. I can’t stress enough how life does what it wants regardless of what we desire. Everyone experiences loss (of all kinds) in life, unforeseen challenges, and more. The key to successfully taking on life’s unexpected is the way we react. It’s inevitable that change will happen. It’s inevitable that things will happen that we didn’t see coming, but you don’t have to react in such a way that compounds the unexpected. Stay grounded. Remember that everything is only temporary and soon enough the loop will straighten itself back out.

4. GIVE IT YOUR ALL! Living passionately out loud is all about giving it 100%. There will be days that you only have less than 100% to give, but if all your days combined give you a pretty good average, then you’re on your way to a continued life of living passionately out loud!

Meditate on these tips. And add others that fit your needs just perfect! Until the next post, keep inspiring me, others, and yourself! LIVE OUT LOUD!

Stretching Your Limbs…

This still reigns true. Thought I’d share it again… Please comment, share your experiences, and share with others.

Prove It To Yourself

Side EyeIt’s Lent season and with that many people announce the changes they want to make in their lives. They proclaim the thing or things they want to give up to become better. I was talking with a friend a few days ago. The friend was mentioning to me about how they wanted to stop swearing so much. I sort of smirked; as this friend of mine is quite the sailor. Yes they are. They stopped me in the middle of my smirk and stated, “I’ll show you. I can stop cursing.” I retracted my smirk and said, “Ok. I believe you, but don’t do it to prove anything to me.”

My friend’s adamant point of proving to me that they could stop cursing made me realize that sometimes in life we are quick to make changes in our lives to prove something to others. That’s the completely wrong reason to do it. Yes, the initial change may be premised by a true desire of obtaining something different and better from life. However, it made me think about how our desire to change should never include trying to prove a point to anyone else. It somehow lessens the importance of the desire. I’m definitely guilty of this action at various points in my life. I can say the changes I made that were totally all about me changing and I could care less what others thought were the most long-lasting changes.

The point is there will always be people around you that will doubt you. There will always be nay-Sayers. The best thing you can do for yourself, however, is to ignore the nay-Sayers, and give them the side-eye and keep it moving. In the end, when you’ve achieved that goal; when you’ve become better than you were the day, week, month, or year before, those same nay-Sayers will see it and won’t be able to doubt you any longer (at least on that goal).

Take this message and analyze why you’re making the changes in your life. Is it to show others you can do it? Is the change completely for yourself?

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