hamster wheel“You want different results? Do something different!”

I’ve heard this saying over and over again. At the end of the day, it carries so much weight.

There are times we may feel we are going around in circles; running the hamster’s wheel faster than the hamster sometimes… 😉 I laugh at that but it’s true. You’ve set goals before, you’ve created a plan, and you’ve started to execute the plan, yet you didn’t see the results that you wanted. You pressed reset button on the goal. You evaluated the goal, created the same plan, and started to execute that plan. Yet again, you didn’t see the results you want. You pressed reset button on the goal AGAIN…

You can get the point of where I’m going… What was different about your plan the second, third, and fourth time around? Did you execute the same way? Did you think of more conducive actions for you to take to be more successful the next go around? If not, don’t expect to get different results. It can be so easy to be the hamster in the wheel; never finding your way down a more straight path. If you don’t try something different, you won’t get any closer to your goal than the day before. Do you research. Create a plan that doesn’t mimic the ones you’ve had previously. Be innovative in the way you’ll carry out your new plan!

I recently embarked upon a new journey. It’s a 100-day fast. I’ve never fasted before. I’ve considered it. Planned for it, but never actually executed the fast. I just kept running on the wheel. It’s what I consider my effort to ‘do something different’. My hope is to gain more spirituality, insight, increase, guidance and direction on what my next steps in life are to be. I’ll share my journey on here from time to time for the next 100 days. And hopefully I’ll have ‘something different’ and positive to share from my experience. I’m stepping out, trying something different and expecting different results!