If You Were Successful OnceEvery one has had one of those moments in their life that seems like the goals you’re after are harder to reach than you could have ever expected. The fortunate part is that those moments usually fade away. How so? Well, eventually you did accomplish a goal; maybe even that specific goal.

Today I just want to encourage you to remember that today doesn’t represent what your past has been or your future will be. When the going gets tough, attaining those goals gets further away, remember that once upon a time you accomplished a goal. It doesn’t matter if that goal was big or small; recognized by others or not. You accomplished it. Keep that in mind when you’re working on new goals. Maybe its a new car you want. Trying to finish a degree? Looking for better schooling, housing, relationships? Whatever your goal is, don’t forget that it can be accomplished!

Check out the picture up top. It’s a quick saying that came to mind today on my FB post. Be reflective upon it as you work towards your goals. Your past goals required some level of blood, sweat, and tears; therefore your current and future goals will be no different. Be patient yet dedicated and determined to keep moving towards those goals.The possibilities are endless. Today is only temporary.

You CAN do it!