whitney 5I can create a list of people about a mile long that have inspired me in some way or another during my life span thus far. My first inspirations were definitely my parents, but my inspirations have also included It could’ve been the cafeteria lady elementary school to a Manager of the company I currently work for and plenty of people in between. No one’s life is shaped by just the air they breathe. It is usually impacted by those we encounter daily and the environments we are exposed to. In most cases, inspiration for our goals, aspirations, passions are birthed through those encounters. Your inspiration could have occurred from watching a popular television show, movie, or film. The people in it could inspire your growth. For me, I wanted to share with you one of the most inspiring people I’ve never met in my life, but truly grew up wanting to emulate: THE Whitney Houston!

While many will give you one hundred and one reasons not to appreciate the work of Whitney, I’ll give you one major reason! She was one of the best at what she did! Her songs touched the heart and pulse of every day issues, feelings, and emotions. You could feel the passion from each word that left her lips when she sung. I couldn’t let this day go by without recognizing her. While my main passion is writing, most that know me, know that I am a lover of music. Whitney definitely impacted and inspired me through her music. Heck, I often sing her songs when asked to sing. Check me out singing her rendition of “I Believe In You and Me”.

Two years ago today she left this earth and her legacy will be long-lasting for sure! While I’m remembering Whitney, why don’t you take this time to remember those that have inspired you to be who you are today! You’ll smile while you do it, for sure!

Below is my favorite song by Whitney. I was about four when it came out!