resourceful thinkingI’m always stressing the importance of following your passion; living life out loud; doing what makes you the happiest. Whether your passion is something you want to share with the world or keep personal for you and your ‘me’ time, being resourceful is still important.

Following your passion has to include the desire to want to be the best at it.

Resources are a part of that desire.

An associate and I were chatting the other day about our current projects. It so happens that both of our projects revolve around our passion. And those passions depend on our ability to be resourceful. We discussed the various networks, written literature, etc that offered valuable ideas and details to better execute our projects. Moreover, even during our conversation, the associate began to lend me some great ideas to incorporate into my plans. It just so-happened that I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. You know… Those moments that serve as re-iterators in life; or those moments that an idea just clicks. The associate had become a resource for my passion.

Today’s message is simple. Use the resources that are closest to you to capitalize on your passion. Your resources may be a person, thing, or an idea, but they are usually closer than you think. They are often more economical for your use than you think. Using the ones closest to you can tide you over until you are able to obtain your resources that are farther in reach!