Nikki RodgersLife can be so miraculous. Have you ever decided to be apart of something with the sole purpose to gain one thing, but you end up gaining so much more? Well, that’s what my experience at “The Source for Single Moms” at Bellevue Baptist Church was this past weekend. The event is three hours of worship, fellowship, and good eating! 😉 I always like to attend the event because it’s an opportunity to meet other single mothers, share our stories, gain some inspirational and motivational words from speaker Suzan Watson, and get some ‘me’ time because the kids have their own play time away from the moms during the event. I didn’t think this event would be any different. I was expecting to hear the word from Mrs. Watson, eat, hug a few familiar and new faces and head home feeling renewed. I happened upon a very unexpected conversation with a woman by the name of Nikki, I’ll call her ‘The Angel’.

I first saw ‘The Angel’ as I entered the main hall at a table where she sat alone in the front of the room. There was a comfort that drove me to sit with her. We immediately sparked up conversation and before I knew it, she was sharing her testimony with me. She pointed to the visible, recent scar on her neck and told me her journey and battle with throat cancer. She talked about how she discovered it, how it’s affected her life to date, how it’s affected her family, and how she was not dismayed by the challenges that had/are presented by it. She was adamant about sharing her story with all that would listen. She felt her scar was the proof that faith in God was the ultimate gift in life. I was in awe at the fact that her illness would mentally cripple most (heck I don’t think I could be as strong as she), yet it empowered her to keep pushing. Her spirit was so amazing. Her story even more so. At that moment she became one of the strongest people I’d met in my life. She’d also become the unexpected angel God positioned for me to meet to help realize Him more.

For those who know me, one of my areas to continue working on is being a worrier. I’m always worried about something. Don’t mistake my worry for lack of faith, but it’s definitely an area I’m continuing to work on. It’s like first I worry, then I pray, then I try to fix whatever is worrying me. The order of my reactions is so wrong. First I should pray and then act on how I’m led to embrace what needs fixing. Worrying shouldn’t even be in my reaction. Angel however, helped me realize that my choice to worry is so selfish and disregarding of the power of faith and belief in God. Her ability to fight cancer and still be the pleasant and gracious woman she came off to be was proof that even in the midst of our storms, we should know that our challenges can be overcome. I’m so glad I met the unexpected angel on Friday. God knew I really needed to.

As relates to this blog, I wanted to share ‘The Angel’s’ story with you to encourage you to continue following your passion regardless of the challenges that may present themselves. Maybe you’ll have to re-adjust, slow down, or put them on hold to work on becoming stronger in the process, but don’t give up. I’m going to continue to be less of a worrier and more of a warrior like ‘The Angel’…

Until the next post people, keep living out loud and live it with all the passion you can muster up!