Do Something Different…

“You want different results? Do something different!” I’ve heard this saying over and over again. At the end of the day, it carries so much weight. There are times we may feel we are going around in circles; running the hamster’s wheel faster than the hamster sometimes… šŸ˜‰ I laugh at that but it’s true.Continue reading “Do Something Different…”

Successful Again…

Every one has had one of those moments in their life that seems like the goals you’re after are harder to reach than you could have ever expected. The fortunate part is that those moments usually fade away. How so? Well, eventually you did accomplish a goal; maybe even that specific goal. Today I justContinue reading “Successful Again…”

Remembering Whitney

I can create a list of people about a mile long that have inspired me in some way or another during my life span thus far. My first inspirations were definitely my parents, but my inspirations have also included It could’ve been the cafeteria lady elementary school to a Manager of the company I currentlyContinue reading “Remembering Whitney”

Resourceful Thinking

I’m always stressing the importance of following your passion; living life out loud; doing what makes you the happiest. Whether your passion is something you want to share with the world or keep personal for you and your ‘me’ time, being resourceful is still important. Following your passion has to include the desire to wantContinue reading “Resourceful Thinking”

Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep

Who says a person can only possess one passion? Definitely not Ari Hotep. Individuals can find themselves in tune and in love with many things and want to live them all out loud. Ari Hotep is a man of many passions and today Iā€™m sharing his passions with the world. Check it out below andContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep”

The Unexpected Angel

Life can be so miraculous. Have you ever decided to be apart of something with the sole purpose to gain one thing, but you end up gaining so much more? Well, that’s what my experience at “The Source for Single Moms” at Bellevue Baptist Church was this past weekend. The event is three hours ofContinue reading “The Unexpected Angel”