This Is What Hard Work Looks Like…

The Couple web series to score with HBO
The Couple web series to score with HBO – Photo credit: Black&Sexy.TV

Hey Passionistas! I hope your day has been going pretty well and will continue as such.

Today I just wanted to share a quick post with you. If you read this blog regularly, I practically talk about following your passion, dreams, goals, etc with every bone in your body. I think it’s so important to never let our passions drift to the wayside of life. Heck, let’s be honest, it’s so easy to do. With all the rocks life will try to throw at you, it can be hard to duck and dodge each and every one of them. Even when hit by a rock (or two), it can be daunting to continue following that goal of yours. The point is that you have to stand back up to see your passions come to life and find happiness along the way!

Well over a year ago, I fell in love with an online YouTube channel by Black&Sexy.TV. This channel and the good people who produce and operate it, show that with all the right faith and tenacity, dreams become ideas, ideas become reality, and living out loud really can be a way of life. Black&Sexy TV started out producing their own various web series with no major network financially backing them. From self-financing to gaining viewers’ financial backing to now having a major network (HBO as a matter of a fact) pick up one of their popular shows, The Couple, they have proven that giving up should NEVER be an option.

Black&Sexy.TV is proof of what hard work looks like. It definitely has been an inspiration to my own endeavors and I hope me sharing a quick synopsis of their story with each of you will push you to continue to follow your passions out loud!

Check out the Black&Sexy.TV YouTube Channel and I promise you, you may never want to turn to regular TV again (at least until The Couple is on HBO) đŸ˜‰

Until the next post, continue living out loud and find your passion in life!

Published by Christin Webb

Hi Reader! I am a passionate young woman always aspiring to become better each day. I use the word passionate often, but I do so because I truly believe it defines who I am. I do everything passionately. I love to write. I enjoy singing. I love speaking and teaching. I desire to inspire others through my work and in turn myself. This blog is all about encouraging myself and others to find their true happiness in life through living out their passions. More formally, I am a single mother, writer, producer, businesswoman, thinker, and believer. If I haven't learned much of anything else in the last thirty plus years, its that a person must be happy with self. I know that if you're not happy with yourself, then no one around you has a dying chance in meeting your expectations or positively affecting your life. I hope this blog reaches tons of people desiring to better themselves through what makes them happy the most! That's my purpose. That is my plan.

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