limitlessToday on my Facebook author fan page, I shared a new ‘Today’s Thought For Life’. I share these daily (or on most days) as mere inspiration to my followers to encourage them on their daily journey’s through life. Today I was inspired by a conversation I had with a co-worker. We were looking at a local newspaper that spotlighted individuals between the age of 20 and 30 that were make remarkable strides in the city of Memphis. We were inspired by the idea that these individuals had accomplished so much, even before they turned 30 years old. We joked about how we needed to step up our game so we can make some of the same strides within our lives. My co-worker then mentioned that I had a better chance of making more strides because I am only 32 years old. She on the other hand is 46 years old. I refuted her statement because I felt she had the same opportunities to make the same, if not more, strides in her life. It led me to my ‘Today’s Thought For Life’ status for the day:

Today’s Thought For Life: Today couldn’t be a better day to begin living your life to the fullest. So often we think the past was the best time to have captured our greatest opportunities, when our greatest opportunities may be those that lie ahead. Don’t let them become neglected moments of your past, but glorious moments of your future and reflective of the best years of your life! #liveoutloud #todaysopportunities #passiongrinding #todaysthoughtforlife #foodforthought #yourfutureisyourpresent

Her point was that her age hindered her from making a difference in her life; achieving new goals; creating and taking hold of new opportunities. I definitely begged to differ. If her point were true, then you wouldn’t have people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, and many more that weren’t necessarily ‘young people’ when they began making differences in people’s lives. There is no age, gender, upbringing, socioeconomic status, or educational level that limits you from making a difference; from achieving your goals. There are plenty of people who are living proof of this point. And they’re not all famous people. Some may be the local business owner in your community, the leader of a non-profit organization that gives back, or even a family member that inspires you. Don’t allow the lack of your perceived past goals lead you to believe you can’t experience new successes in your future. Be the new opportunity in your life to continue making strides until you have no more breath left in you. That would be the only reason to accept that your opportunities were limited.

Until the next post, have an awesome weekend! And of course, be sure to live it passionately out loud!