passion birthI had an associate call me the other day to discuss a potential project she wanted me to embark upon with her. Amazingly, it was for a documentary. Since writing and co-producing my first short film, I had been toying with the idea of doing my first documentary. I thought it would be challenging, yet gratifying. I wasn’t sure what to do the documentary on though, so the idea just stayed in my head.

The point of this post isn’t really about the fact that I hope to be working on this awesome project. It’s more about the birth of a passion I felt coming from the associate. As we talked, we bounced ideas back and forth. The conversation was intense and you could pretty much feel the excitement and buy-in of the project. Following our conversation, I found out that she spent practically all night and the early morning researching what would be required for the documentary. What stood out to me was the fact that the associate’s intense conversation led me to believe that a new passion for her was being born. Her documentary idea made sense and she definitely sold the idea to me based on the conviction of her point. The passion wasn’t necessarily the creation of the documentary, but the topic itself. She is very convicted in what she wants to convey in the documentary. And to think that she was able to pull my passion into it as well. Just amazing!

Moreover, passions aren’t always actions, such as cooking, singing, dancing, writing, knitting, volunteering, etc. The passion could be a simple message; a voice; and opinion with the intentions of changing lives. That’s exactly what her idea was all about. I’m excited about it. Passions make you feel good about an idea. Passions make you stay up until the wee hours of the morning planning, preparing, and brainstorming. Passions make you reach out to your resources to see them come to fruition. Her idea clearly sounds like a passion was born. Not only was her idea birthed into a passion, but I’m all giddy about taking on some new roles in her project. I’ll have an opportunity to expand on my passion even more.

What have you been burning inside about lately? What idea or activity makes you want to give all your time and energy towards it? It may just be your passion or a new passion developing for you! Stay in tune with that feeling and follow it if it doesn’t seem to go away. It’s your passion being born! Continue to give it life!