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January 2014

This Is What Hard Work Looks Like…

The Couple web series to score with HBO
The Couple web series to score with HBO – Photo credit: Black&Sexy.TV

Hey Passionistas! I hope your day has been going pretty well and will continue as such.

Today I just wanted to share a quick post with you. If you read this blog regularly, I practically talk about following your passion, dreams, goals, etc with every bone in your body. I think it’s so important to never let our passions drift to the wayside of life. Heck, let’s be honest, it’s so easy to do. With all the rocks life will try to throw at you, it can be hard to duck and dodge each and every one of them. Even when hit by a rock (or two), it can be daunting to continue following that goal of yours. The point is that you have to stand back up to see your passions come to life and find happiness along the way!

Well over a year ago, I fell in love with an online YouTube channel by Black&Sexy.TV. This channel and the good people who produce and operate it, show that with all the right faith and tenacity, dreams become ideas, ideas become reality, and living out loud really can be a way of life. Black&Sexy TV started out producing their own various web series with no major network financially backing them. From self-financing to gaining viewers’ financial backing to now having a major network (HBO as a matter of a fact) pick up one of their popular shows, The Couple, they have proven that giving up should NEVER be an option.

Black&Sexy.TV is proof of what hard work looks like. It definitely has been an inspiration to my own endeavors and I hope me sharing a quick synopsis of their story with each of you will push you to continue to follow your passions out loud!

Check out the Black&Sexy.TV YouTube Channel and I promise you, you may never want to turn to regular TV again (at least until The Couple is on HBO) 😉

Until the next post, continue living out loud and find your passion in life!


Sometimes You Just Have to See It…

glassesWhat do you plan to accomplish this year? What did you accomplish last year? The year before?

These are all questions I recently posed to myself. I mean, I created some 2014 resolutions, but lately I’ve still been feeling stagnant. I was feeling like nothing was happening for me. And yes I realize it’s just January 28th. For me though, I’ve always been one of those people who have to constantly see some progress, whether it be big or small. I’ve also been one of those people who move so quickly to the next goal after achieving another that I don’t really take in and appreciate what I have accomplished.

At least that was until yesterday. As of yesterday, I made a cognitive decision to be as appreciative of things I have accomplished and be realistic in my anticipation of what I’m after for my next goal. How did I do this? Well, first I had to realize that I’d actually achieved quite a bit in 2013. And I realized it by making a list. Yes, I made a list. To some, it can seem so cliché to say, ‘write it down’, but the saying is so true. You have to sometimes write things down to really see what has been done. And so I did. I wrote down everything I considered an accomplishment from 2012 and 2013. The big, the small, and everything in between. I even went further and wrote down what I plan to accomplish this year. It wasn’t quite a new year’s resolution, but more like an action plan for what I wanted to see come to fruition. Every year I always have an idea of what I want to get done, but I do more thinking about it, than writing it down. I may write down an actual plan for something as I begin to embark upon it, but rarely do I, at the beginning of any year, clearly list out what I hope to say I’ve done by the next year.

What I gained from the list was very rewarding. After looking back at my previous year personal and work calendars, FB posts, pictures, etc. I realized that I’d accomplished a lot. The list immediately brought a calm over my spirit. Even without having made a list last year, I realized that I was capable of creating a goal and actually seeing them to fruition. It took LOOKING at my list or LOOKING at my achievements to really appreciate what I’d done. I finished the list feeling more encouraged, less doubtful, less anxious, and more confident about what 2014 will have in store. I know this revelation just took place for me on yesterday, but I at least now have a reference point for any future doubtful moments.

As you continue this year and those to come, I encourage you to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate ALL the goals that you accomplish. Heck, I’d even say appreciate those that you haven’t quite achieved, but still plan on doing so. It’s all a process. Write down what you want from life. Make it come to life by SEEING it in black and white. For me, it made all the difference for how I’m going to approach 2014 and I feel confident that it will do the same for you.



limitlessToday on my Facebook author fan page, I shared a new ‘Today’s Thought For Life’. I share these daily (or on most days) as mere inspiration to my followers to encourage them on their daily journey’s through life. Today I was inspired by a conversation I had with a co-worker. We were looking at a local newspaper that spotlighted individuals between the age of 20 and 30 that were make remarkable strides in the city of Memphis. We were inspired by the idea that these individuals had accomplished so much, even before they turned 30 years old. We joked about how we needed to step up our game so we can make some of the same strides within our lives. My co-worker then mentioned that I had a better chance of making more strides because I am only 32 years old. She on the other hand is 46 years old. I refuted her statement because I felt she had the same opportunities to make the same, if not more, strides in her life. It led me to my ‘Today’s Thought For Life’ status for the day:

Today’s Thought For Life: Today couldn’t be a better day to begin living your life to the fullest. So often we think the past was the best time to have captured our greatest opportunities, when our greatest opportunities may be those that lie ahead. Don’t let them become neglected moments of your past, but glorious moments of your future and reflective of the best years of your life! #liveoutloud #todaysopportunities #passiongrinding #todaysthoughtforlife #foodforthought #yourfutureisyourpresent

Her point was that her age hindered her from making a difference in her life; achieving new goals; creating and taking hold of new opportunities. I definitely begged to differ. If her point were true, then you wouldn’t have people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, and many more that weren’t necessarily ‘young people’ when they began making differences in people’s lives. There is no age, gender, upbringing, socioeconomic status, or educational level that limits you from making a difference; from achieving your goals. There are plenty of people who are living proof of this point. And they’re not all famous people. Some may be the local business owner in your community, the leader of a non-profit organization that gives back, or even a family member that inspires you. Don’t allow the lack of your perceived past goals lead you to believe you can’t experience new successes in your future. Be the new opportunity in your life to continue making strides until you have no more breath left in you. That would be the only reason to accept that your opportunities were limited.

Until the next post, have an awesome weekend! And of course, be sure to live it passionately out loud!

Passion Birth…

passion birthI had an associate call me the other day to discuss a potential project she wanted me to embark upon with her. Amazingly, it was for a documentary. Since writing and co-producing my first short film, I had been toying with the idea of doing my first documentary. I thought it would be challenging, yet gratifying. I wasn’t sure what to do the documentary on though, so the idea just stayed in my head.

The point of this post isn’t really about the fact that I hope to be working on this awesome project. It’s more about the birth of a passion I felt coming from the associate. As we talked, we bounced ideas back and forth. The conversation was intense and you could pretty much feel the excitement and buy-in of the project. Following our conversation, I found out that she spent practically all night and the early morning researching what would be required for the documentary. What stood out to me was the fact that the associate’s intense conversation led me to believe that a new passion for her was being born. Her documentary idea made sense and she definitely sold the idea to me based on the conviction of her point. The passion wasn’t necessarily the creation of the documentary, but the topic itself. She is very convicted in what she wants to convey in the documentary. And to think that she was able to pull my passion into it as well. Just amazing!

Moreover, passions aren’t always actions, such as cooking, singing, dancing, writing, knitting, volunteering, etc. The passion could be a simple message; a voice; and opinion with the intentions of changing lives. That’s exactly what her idea was all about. I’m excited about it. Passions make you feel good about an idea. Passions make you stay up until the wee hours of the morning planning, preparing, and brainstorming. Passions make you reach out to your resources to see them come to fruition. Her idea clearly sounds like a passion was born. Not only was her idea birthed into a passion, but I’m all giddy about taking on some new roles in her project. I’ll have an opportunity to expand on my passion even more.

What have you been burning inside about lately? What idea or activity makes you want to give all your time and energy towards it? It may just be your passion or a new passion developing for you! Stay in tune with that feeling and follow it if it doesn’t seem to go away. It’s your passion being born! Continue to give it life!


Sidelined“Hey you! You’re out and somebody else is in! Come hit the bench!”

Have you ever played or do you basketball, softball, volleyball, or football? Maybe you played or play soccer, ran track, or was in the band. If you’ve ever been apart of a team sport, then you clearly know what it’s like to have to sit out sometimes. Sitting out doesn’t mean you’re not good enough to be on the team. It may mean you need to regroup; rest for a minute before you go back into the game. Even the best players in a game; the starters, the MVP’s have to take a break from the game. That’s why there’s usually a second string. Everyone can’t go 100% the entire game.

That sometimes applies to the game of life. Let’s say you’re passionately living life and at any given moment it can seem like you’ve been sidelined. Maybe there are some challenges that present themselves that seem to limit you from living passionately to the same capacity you usually do. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t become disgruntled and left to feel inadequate, unappreciated, or out right down on yourself. Just know that you’ll only be pulled out the game for a little while. And remember you’re on the team, so you must be good enough to play. Sometimes when you’re pulled from the game, it could be the best thing for you. Today I just wanted to encourage you to appreciate the moments that you feel sidelined. Embrace the opportunity to rest up so you can come back in and be your best. Know that you’re just prepping for the best that’s on the way. You’ll be revitalized. You’ll be more focused. You’ll be ready to continue taking on the world and living passionately out loud!

Writing Is As Writing Does…


Hey All! I thought I’d do a different type of post for my 100th POST!!!! I started this blog in March of last year and who knew that I’d make it to one hundred posts less than a year later. On top of that, I’m more of a lover of fiction writing, so to be so in tune with this non-fiction format has definitely revealed some things to me as a person and writer. I never thought I could get my points and beliefs across in non-fiction as well as I do in fiction, but 100 posts, eighty plus followers, and passionate inspirations shared later, I’ve proven that my ability to commit to non-fiction is not so shabby.

So… What’s my post about today?! I just wanted to basically encourage anyone that believes they have a passion for writing to do the inevitable and just start writing. Whatever your preferable genre or format, just get to it! Maybe you have your life story you want to share? You could just want to write a ‘how-to’ about your favorite hobby or expertise? Are poems your things? How about plays? Screen writes? Essays? Do you like writing about other people’s lives? Into entertainment reporting? Whatever it is. If it’s writing you want to do, make it happen.

And don’t think your writing has to be public. You’re still a writer even if no one else ever lays eyes on your piece. I’ve been writing since I was seven and it took me almost twenty years to realize that I was a writer. The bigger question is, is it your passion? Do you think of nothing but writing, putting your thoughts on paper or tapping away at the computer screen? Well, bring your passion to life. Do it more often. Be more consistent with it. Become more effective at it. Read other writers’ work. All the time. Find a writing mentor. You should want to be great at your passion!

There is a difference between being a writer and being a writer with a passion for writing. Which one are you? In either case, if writing is something you want to do or do more of, the only thing to do is to get to it. Yet, if writing is your passion, the only thing to do is to take it more seriously, be persistent, consistent, and diligent in writing. The token you’re trying to gain with a passion for writing is the happiness that follows in doing so. Writing is as writing does. What are you writing about?

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, welcome and I hope you enjoy my journey of encouraging passionate living and following your passion. If you’re back visiting, continue to follow my journey. It’s been a very rewarding ride and I couldn’t ask for it to have happened any differently!

Until the 101st post and in the words of my father: “FIND YOUR PASSION AND RUN WITH IT!”

My Truth Today

My Truth Today posts are simply that. My truths. From time to time, I want to share concise and simple thoughts I have. Today’s is below! Enjoy.

I write about what I know about. I write about what I can relate to. I write what story has had the most impact on my life in hopes that it will do the same for others. I write about what makes me happy. I write about the trials and tribulations that I’ve experienced directly and indirectly. I write about real life. More than often I write about life’s struggles and overcoming them.

What I don’t write about is what other people want me to write about. I want my writings to be genuine and meaningful to me.

Tie Them Up…

hoes left on the trackHave you ever have one of those days, weeks, or months that you just want to throw your hands up in the air? Maybe you decide to just put your white flag as high in the air as possible? You may have come to the conclusion that you couldn’t deal with the challenges that life was throwing you. Scratch that thought. The truth of the matter is that you can’t NOT deal with them.

You have no choice but to tie your shoe laces really tight and keep running the race.

Since this blog is all about honesty, I have to be honest that this post is more than likely more for me as I sit and type it right now. My shoe laces right now feel pretty loose. It’s lasted for about a week, but even in that, I’m still inspired and know that I’ll be running out of this funk soon. I could mention a few things to complain about. But then I realize that the necessities and most important people and things in my life aren’t apart of those complaints. I have shelter, a job, a car, a healthy family, food, etc. The basics. No less than what I NEED.

I know that if I want to actively pursue my passion, live life passionately, or be passionate about anything, I have to keep running and realize that I CAN get past the very moments that seem to keep making my shoe laces come untied. So what if my shoes are the latest and greatest, they have and are getting me closer to my goals. They are helping me make a difference in my life every day. They are preparing me for the others races I’ll have to run one day.

I wrote this post to remind me how truly blessed I am and how grateful I should be that even this race isn’t as bad as it could be. As I close, I’m tying my shoes tighter, dusting them, and about to take off. I’m still claiming that 2014 will be a grand year and I can’t wait until I finish this race and move on to the next!

Until the next post folks, LIVE PASSIONATELY!

My Truth Today


I love what I do. Inspiring myself and others through the promise of happiness via following your passion! It truly works. I’m not just a believer, but a doer and receiver of this fact. Before I actively sought out what I am passionate about life meant much less than it does now that I follow my passion consistently. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t experience happiness before but the way in which that happiness is maximized now is so much greater than before. It’s not shifted or swayed by the actions or lack thereof from external people or things. Yet, its fueled by my internal desire to capture and always hold on to what means the most to me ~ My Passion.

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