Half full or half empty?2013 has been very eye-opening for me. From a spiritual stand point I have grown in ways I never thought possible. I’ve overcome a lot and this year I was able to see how strong I really am when facing adversities without seeking out detrimental coping mechanisms. Part of that growth is my ability to focus more on the positive factors that exist in most any situation I’ve faced. Even when at first I wanted to complain, I’ve learned that I need to re-evaluate the situation and really see that the glass is actually half full. Take it a little further, the more I look at the glass being half full is when my situation ended up more positive than when I viewed it as half empty.

Today’s message is simple. I implore to each of you as you move into 2014, view your glass as half full ALL THE TIME. Every trial, unclear moment, or doubtful day is actually a chance for you to count your blessings. The half full thought process is having faith that all will work out for the greater good, whether it be sooner or later.

When I think of how many blessings I’ve seen this year, I’m overwhelmed. I’m thankful. I’m anticipating the blessings to come. From writer to author to screenwriter. To car owner. To competent Procurement Specialist. To better mother, friend, sister, aunt, etc. Even just the blessing in being able to begin and continue this blog. It’s inspiration not only for me, but I’ve learned it has also helped others. My half full attitude; my faith and belief in greatness has fostered these blessings.

Create an environment that fosters positivity. Remember the more full your glass is the more blessings you have to drink! 😉 2014 can be your year just as 2013 and the years before! Don’t let the half empty syndrome take away that truth!

To all of my readers, followers, and viewers, thank you for checking back on here from time to time, sharing your words of encouragement or appreciation of my messages, and sharing “Passion Living Out Loud”. I pray that next year I’ll have much more insightful, creative, and intuitive messages, posts, interviews, and more to share! Until the next posting! Have a great, great New Year’s Eve and stay living passionately out loud! 😉

Me on the last day of 2013
My last 2013 work selfie!
Thanks everyone!