eyeToday’s post isn’t well thought out or pre-planned. Heck, I didn’t plan on posting anything until tomorrow (stay tuned)! I simply wanted to share an experience I had today in the post office while mailing off family members’ gifts.

First, this year I took the easy route and purchased mostly everyone a gift card. They are easy and I still feel as though they are still thoughtful because I didn’t have to get the receivers anything… 😉

Secondly, anyone that knows me knows that one of my growing areas is the idea of spending money. I have had so many financial struggles in my life (some self-imposed and others not), that I usually have anxiety about spending money. This year though I have been blessed in so many ways that I couldn’t allow my anxiety to overcome my desire to give to those I haven’t always been able to give to. It feels great actually, but I did have a hint of anxiety each time I pulled out my cash or debit card to pay for the gifts.

With all that being said, I was standing in the line at the post office minding my own business. There were at least ten people in front of me; one of which was a very inconspicuous lady. I stood behind her not really paying any attention to her at all. I did take notice that she was holding a cane as she quietly, but in good spirits, stood in line. Eventually, she turned to me and asked could she step out of line for a minute and still return to her spot in front of me. “Sure thing,” I replied to her, as I was in no real rush. When she returned she said, “Thank you”. I smiled and we returned to our silent state just as before.

Another ten minutes went by as we waited and she turned to me and said, “This line is going relatively quick.”

I thought to myself ‘it’s a little slow, but hey…’. “Yeah, it’s not too bad,” I replied.

“Well, there’s only one person working so it’s really not that bad,” she said. She had the perfect attitude to be standing in such a long line. She then proceeded to talking to me about how she was partially blind. I’m still not clear on how that conversation started, but obviously her story was for me to hear. She was a really sweet lady and I was very in tune with her conversation. She informed me that she was born completely blind, but after various surgeries she was now partially blind. Her plans in life were to give back to children that are visually challenged. She told me she holds a Business degree and an Education degree. Should her story be completely accurate, I was in awe and immediately felt like my monetary anxiety was absolutely selfish. My mind was blown away by her apparent happiness and appreciation of life, specifically for the often overlooked blessing of vision. She wasn’t financially rich, as she told me she was catching the bus to get back and forth. She even spoke of how little money she lived off of, but she definitely seemed rich in spirit.

The most ironic part of it was that my author Facebook status on “Today’s Thought For Life” today was: Be rich in spirit and love, not in your pocket! It’s like God gave me an example to back up my thought. Maybe I needed to see what I could so easily speak. I needed to better believe what I spoke. While I’m worried about spending money on giving to others, she didn’t seem worried about a thing. I definitely was taught a lesson that is often taken for granted: BEING THANKFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT I CAN DO.

Today, I will continue to make a conscious effort to not complain, to be thankful, and continue with the heart of wanting to give to others more!

Until tomorrow’s posting people, continue LIVING OUT LOUD!