Question MarkEvery time I post something on this blog, my purpose is to inspire each reader to passionately seek out a happy and fulfilling life. There’s a purpose to your existence. There’s a rhyme to your reason of creation. We walk this earth not to just take breath with no guidance or reasoning. Those breaths are to be catapulted into your gifts, talents, and blessings.

I can remember as early as being an adolescent I began to question why I walked this earth. It may have taken me a minute to perfectly define that purpose, but eventually it came to me. Regardless of what I defined that purpose to be, I knew that I existed for a reason. Life isn’t this big ball of irony or ‘just-so-happens’. We don’t cross certain people’s path without the impact being there. We don’t come in contact with life’s diverse situations just to pass them by. They play a role in who we are and what we are to do with ourselves. For those that may know their purpose, these words may come off a bit repetitive. You may even feel they don’t apply to your attention, but they do. For those that are still seeking their purpose, thereby their happiness, the moment of realization is just around the corner. Begin to believe in your abilities; yourself;  your reason for living. You will find that your purpose is greater than you alone and you are doing LIFE an injustice by not living that purpose out.

I clearly ask this question today: If you’re not living for your purpose or passion, what is it you’re doing again?