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December 2013

2014 Empty or Full?

Half full or half empty?2013 has been very eye-opening for me. From a spiritual stand point I have grown in ways I never thought possible. I’ve overcome a lot and this year I was able to see how strong I really am when facing adversities without seeking out detrimental coping mechanisms. Part of that growth is my ability to focus more on the positive factors that exist in most any situation I’ve faced. Even when at first I wanted to complain, I’ve learned that I need to re-evaluate the situation and really see that the glass is actually half full. Take it a little further, the more I look at the glass being half full is when my situation ended up more positive than when I viewed it as half empty.

Today’s message is simple. I implore to each of you as you move into 2014, view your glass as half full ALL THE TIME. Every trial, unclear moment, or doubtful day is actually a chance for you to count your blessings. The half full thought process is having faith that all will work out for the greater good, whether it be sooner or later.

When I think of how many blessings I’ve seen this year, I’m overwhelmed. I’m thankful. I’m anticipating the blessings to come. From writer to author to screenwriter. To car owner. To competent Procurement Specialist. To better mother, friend, sister, aunt, etc. Even just the blessing in being able to begin and continue this blog. It’s inspiration not only for me, but I’ve learned it has also helped others. My half full attitude; my faith and belief in greatness has fostered these blessings.

Create an environment that fosters positivity. Remember the more full your glass is the more blessings you have to drink! 😉 2014 can be your year just as 2013 and the years before! Don’t let the half empty syndrome take away that truth!

To all of my readers, followers, and viewers, thank you for checking back on here from time to time, sharing your words of encouragement or appreciation of my messages, and sharing “Passion Living Out Loud”. I pray that next year I’ll have much more insightful, creative, and intuitive messages, posts, interviews, and more to share! Until the next posting! Have a great, great New Year’s Eve and stay living passionately out loud! 😉

Me on the last day of 2013
My last 2013 work selfie!
Thanks everyone!


My Holiday Vision

eyeToday’s post isn’t well thought out or pre-planned. Heck, I didn’t plan on posting anything until tomorrow (stay tuned)! I simply wanted to share an experience I had today in the post office while mailing off family members’ gifts.

First, this year I took the easy route and purchased mostly everyone a gift card. They are easy and I still feel as though they are still thoughtful because I didn’t have to get the receivers anything… 😉

Secondly, anyone that knows me knows that one of my growing areas is the idea of spending money. I have had so many financial struggles in my life (some self-imposed and others not), that I usually have anxiety about spending money. This year though I have been blessed in so many ways that I couldn’t allow my anxiety to overcome my desire to give to those I haven’t always been able to give to. It feels great actually, but I did have a hint of anxiety each time I pulled out my cash or debit card to pay for the gifts.

With all that being said, I was standing in the line at the post office minding my own business. There were at least ten people in front of me; one of which was a very inconspicuous lady. I stood behind her not really paying any attention to her at all. I did take notice that she was holding a cane as she quietly, but in good spirits, stood in line. Eventually, she turned to me and asked could she step out of line for a minute and still return to her spot in front of me. “Sure thing,” I replied to her, as I was in no real rush. When she returned she said, “Thank you”. I smiled and we returned to our silent state just as before.

Another ten minutes went by as we waited and she turned to me and said, “This line is going relatively quick.”

I thought to myself ‘it’s a little slow, but hey…’. “Yeah, it’s not too bad,” I replied.

“Well, there’s only one person working so it’s really not that bad,” she said. She had the perfect attitude to be standing in such a long line. She then proceeded to talking to me about how she was partially blind. I’m still not clear on how that conversation started, but obviously her story was for me to hear. She was a really sweet lady and I was very in tune with her conversation. She informed me that she was born completely blind, but after various surgeries she was now partially blind. Her plans in life were to give back to children that are visually challenged. She told me she holds a Business degree and an Education degree. Should her story be completely accurate, I was in awe and immediately felt like my monetary anxiety was absolutely selfish. My mind was blown away by her apparent happiness and appreciation of life, specifically for the often overlooked blessing of vision. She wasn’t financially rich, as she told me she was catching the bus to get back and forth. She even spoke of how little money she lived off of, but she definitely seemed rich in spirit.

The most ironic part of it was that my author Facebook status on “Today’s Thought For Life” today was: Be rich in spirit and love, not in your pocket! It’s like God gave me an example to back up my thought. Maybe I needed to see what I could so easily speak. I needed to better believe what I spoke. While I’m worried about spending money on giving to others, she didn’t seem worried about a thing. I definitely was taught a lesson that is often taken for granted: BEING THANKFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT I CAN DO.

Today, I will continue to make a conscious effort to not complain, to be thankful, and continue with the heart of wanting to give to others more!

Until tomorrow’s posting people, continue LIVING OUT LOUD!

In The Middle of Your Dream…

dreamsWake up! Wake up!

Have you ever had a dream that you awakened from and you found your heart rate raised, brow a bit sweaty, and it all felt so real? Was the dream so good that you wished you could fall back to sleep and finish it. Or maybe you wanted to live that dream out in your reality. This message isn’t for the dreams that have nothing to do with your hearts desires. This is for the dream or dreams that you’ve wanted to live out all your life; in the last few years; in the last six months.

Let your dreams be your reality! Every day you wake up have a heart rate enthused and set on ready to take on your dreams; your realized happiness in life. Let your reality be the middle point between your sleep; your dreaming. Heck day-dream! 😉 Start or continue today with the plans that will make your dreams come true. Be passionate about those plans. Be intentional, intuitive, and inspired to want to hold on to your happiness.

Don’t believe that when you’re sleep that’s the only time you’ll have the opportunity to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Some say dreams have meanings. And while I may not know all the details of what each dream may mean, I do believe you should try to find the truth in the ones that have you wishing you could make them apart of your daily life. Be prepared to live life actively following them in between your dreams. Don’t sleep on your dreams. Don’t let them exist only with your eyes closed and conscious unknown.

I believe that you can and will live life passionately, find your happiness, and live in the middle of your dream!

Until the next post, live out loud passionistas!

What Is It Again?

Question MarkEvery time I post something on this blog, my purpose is to inspire each reader to passionately seek out a happy and fulfilling life. There’s a purpose to your existence. There’s a rhyme to your reason of creation. We walk this earth not to just take breath with no guidance or reasoning. Those breaths are to be catapulted into your gifts, talents, and blessings.

I can remember as early as being an adolescent I began to question why I walked this earth. It may have taken me a minute to perfectly define that purpose, but eventually it came to me. Regardless of what I defined that purpose to be, I knew that I existed for a reason. Life isn’t this big ball of irony or ‘just-so-happens’. We don’t cross certain people’s path without the impact being there. We don’t come in contact with life’s diverse situations just to pass them by. They play a role in who we are and what we are to do with ourselves. For those that may know their purpose, these words may come off a bit repetitive. You may even feel they don’t apply to your attention, but they do. For those that are still seeking their purpose, thereby their happiness, the moment of realization is just around the corner. Begin to believe in your abilities; yourself;  your reason for living. You will find that your purpose is greater than you alone and you are doing LIFE an injustice by not living that purpose out.

I clearly ask this question today: If you’re not living for your purpose or passion, what is it you’re doing again?

Heart In Hand…

heart in handThere is a saying that stresses not wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, it’s not always good to do so, but what if you held your heart in your hand?

Ok. Don’t roll your eyes just yet on what I’m talking about. Follow me for a minute.

I was sitting the other day and I thought about how important it was to reach out to others. My money is often funny. My circumstances can cramp my style from time to time. Yet, none of that actually limits me from helping others. This year has taught me a lot. To get anything is to give something. My message is simple, be more thoughtful of others than you are of yourself. Take your heart and hand it to someone. Be there for them. Listen to them. Be a resource for their circumstance that may be cramping their style.

Life is about so much more than watching your own goals and dreams blossom. The truth is, your goals, dreams, and aspirations blossom more when you are be a blessing to others’ lives. It’s easy to keep your hand open, waiting for the next best thing to come your way. It takes a stand up, selfless person to see the need someone else may have and actually put your hand in their life. This idea is easier said than done, but as I get older, become more cognitive of this truth, and actually act on it, I see the impact in others’ lives and mine. You can call it karma, the golden rule, a blessing, or whatever, but it’s just the fact in why we exist.

If you’re a great listener, then listen to them. If you’re an insightful person, share words of wisdom. If you’re a great cook and they need food, cook for them. If you have a few extra dollars and its money they need, share those dollars. If you’re an awesome comforter, comfort them. It’s the giving of your heart that makes the world revolve more smoothly. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all great times to hold your heart in your hand and reach out to give to others!

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