2014 Empty or Full?

2013 has been very eye-opening for me. From a spiritual stand point I have grown in ways I never thought possible. I’ve overcome a lot and this year I was able to see how strong I really am when facing adversities without seeking out detrimental coping mechanisms. Part of that growth is my ability toContinue reading “2014 Empty or Full?”

My Holiday Vision

Today’s post isn’t well thought out or pre-planned. Heck, I didn’t plan on posting anything until tomorrow (stay tuned)! I simply wanted to share an experience I had today in the post office while mailing off family members’ gifts. First, this year I took the easy route and purchased mostly everyone a gift card. TheyContinue reading “My Holiday Vision”

In The Middle of Your Dream…

Wake up! Wake up! Have you ever had a dream that you awakened from and you found your heart rate raised, brow a bit sweaty, and it all felt so real? Was the dream so good that you wished you could fall back to sleep and finish it. Or maybe you wanted to live thatContinue reading “In The Middle of Your Dream…”

What Is It Again?

Every time I post something on this blog, my purpose is to inspire each reader to passionately seek out a happy and fulfilling life. There’s a purpose to your existence. There’s a rhyme to your reason of creation. We walk this earth not to just take breath with no guidance or reasoning. Those breaths areContinue reading “What Is It Again?”

Heart In Hand…

There is a saying that stresses not wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, it’s not always good to do so, but what if you held your heart in your hand? Ok. Don’t roll your eyes just yet on what I’m talking about. Follow me for a minute. I was sitting the other day andContinue reading “Heart In Hand…”