thankful2How can you experience more happiness in life when you don’t allow yourself to experience it where you are today? Let that question sink in for a moment. Really. Think about it and let it really sink in.

Today’s post is in the spirit of Thanksgiving. One of the desires of life is to enjoy it more and more each day. You want tomorrow to be better than the day before. You want to experience overwhelming happiness every day of your life (if that were possible). The point of my question is to present the thought that if you can’t be happy where you are, you won’t be happy with where you are trying to go. Sometimes you may wonder why you haven’t met that goal yet or you haven’t obtained that ‘thing’ you want. The level of your acceptance of your current circumstances, blessings, and gifts may have a lot to do with why you aren’t stepping onto the next plateau.

Be thankful for where you are. Appreciate the people, things, and situations that you experience. It’s your current appreciation and thankfulness that pushes you to the next stage of your life, not your lack of thankfulness. Of course the idea is easier said than done, but the effort to be more reflective about the things you do have; the goals you have achieved; the belief that life will be more grand is most important.

Make this Thanksgiving count. Make it be the moment to truly be grateful for what you have and know that what is to be is built on that…

As always continue living passionately out loud! Be inspired. Be an inspiration to others! And on Thanksgiving, don’t eat too much turkey… 😉

I am thankful for each and every reader that stops by, shares with me, and inspires me to continue living my passion out loud!