clock of lifeI remember a conversation my dad and I once held. It was regarding someone I knew that was well into their adulthood and was debating whether or not they should go back to school for their undergraduate degree. While the person may have had some good ‘reasons’ as to why it wasn’t the easiest thing for them to do, my dad made the most profound statement to me. He said, “They can either leave this earth with a degree or without it”.

Fast forward about fifteen years and I was reminded of his statement on last night. Why last night? I was telephoned about an acquaintance of mine that passed away a few days prior. The acquaintance was young, kind, and full of life. I came in contact with the acquaintance almost every day of my week and in no way did I ever think I wouldn’t see this acquaintance again. While the selfish part of me wishes the acquaintance was still here, the unselfish part of me knows that we do not control what is to be.

So, how do these two short stories tie into each other? Well, I learned one valuable lesson from each. GIVE LIFE YOUR ALL! We know not what day or hour will be our last breath. But what if you knew tomorrow would be your last? Would you be able to say you gave life your all? This blog is all about following your passion; thereby owning your happiness. Are you doing that? Do you think there are some limitations to you living out your passion? The truth is, the only limitation is the thought that there is a limitation. In the words of my dad, “You can either leave this earth having lived out your passion or not” or “You can either leave this earth having given life your all or not.” The choice is yours.

This blog is no reflection of how happy the acquaintance was or was not in life (as I do not judge someone’s happiness), but the loss has impacted me to realize the importance of living every moment to the fullest. I do not know the time or the day. As individuals we must NOT allow the strife, challenges, and lack luster parts of life to deter us from doing just that. Today is no better moment to realize your passion, follow your passion, and find happiness through your passion. When I leave this earth, I pray that my eulogy includes comments of how much of me I gave life; how much happiness I pulled from it. I choose to LIVE life through my passion and my happiness. I impress upon you to do the same.