Weekend Academy1
Me with some of the kids from the “I Want to Write: Read My Story” workshop

What a weekend! It was busy, busy, but so productive and enjoyable. Today’s post is all about the kids.

I was recently asked to do a mini workshop on how to become a writer/author with a group of third, fourth, and fifth graders for this program sponsored by TVA called, Weekend Academy. I spent the last week putting together my presentation, “I Want to Write: Read My Story”, and activities for the children and was finally able to share my knowledge with them on this past Saturday. Talk about enjoyable! I have been a speaker to children before, but never having to teach a class and it awakened something inside of me. The children were very attentive for nine o’clock on a Saturday morning and much of what was in my presentation the children were already exposed to. They were so bright and intelligent. Before long, they were inspiring me. While they may not want to become writers, I did impress upon them to follow their passion and run with it. They helped me to see that the passion I was living out was as genuine as it could be. It was a truth moment for me.

One of the other highlights for me was that I was able to, again, include my daughter in my passion process. She was my assistant for the day and was very glad to be so. As we walked into the building, she smiled from ear to ear, with eagerness exuding from the temples of her head… 😉 As she carried some of the presentation materials in, she looked up to me and said, “Mommy, I want to do this when I get older.” I was taken back. I knew I was exposing her to my passion, but in no way did I think she would take it so. “What do you mean?” I replied. “I want to go out and speak to people,” she answered. “So, you like what mommy does?” I continued. “Yep!” she said. And that was the end of that conversation. In that moment, I had another truth moment. I was definitely on the right track.

Once we finished the workshop, I promised my daughter that I’d take her to see the stage play, Charlotte’s Web. Boy am I glad I did. She was in a trance the entire time. And anyone that knows my daughter knows she is full of the gift of entertainment. She loves to sing, dance, and from what I can tell she’d really enjoy acting. I took her to see the play for entertainment, but more importantly for exposure to other arts. She’s already in dance class. Finding your passion is all a bout exposure. You don’t know its your passion if you haven’t been exposed to it. I’m always trying to keep her eyes open to new things, because I never know what she may truly be into. As parents we are to nurture that into our children. I write because I was exposed to writing early on. I sing because I was exposed to singing early on. And the list goes on.

So, all in all, this weekend was a weekend full of exposure to other people’s children, my child, and me! My passion is more fulfilled and hopefully I inspired some other children (including mine) to follow theirs. Check out some our weekend adventure and of course, keep following your passion out loud!!!

Weekend academy 4
The “I Want to Write: Read My Story” Workshop
Weekend Academy 5
Full house for the “I Want to Write: Read My Story” workshop
Weekend Academy 2
One student reads their story written during the workshop exercise
Weekend Academy 3
One student reads their nonfiction book during the workshop exercise
Weekend Academy 6
My Assistant for the “I Want to Write: Read My Story” workshop