In Between Those DaysSo what yesterday wasn’t your most grand day? Today can be better. So what, a month ago something catastrophic happened in your life. This month and the next could be so powerful that your catastrophe becomes your testimony. Don’t allow the days when it’s raining and pouring down to define what your future will be. They are clearly those days in between the triumphs and victories. Remember the quote below the next time you’re having doubtful moments; your days don’t seem to be aligned as you’d like; or your passion seems a bit dim in your eyesight.

“When I’m having one of THOSE days, I just remember that the other times I had one of THOSE days, a BETTER day came in between…”

You are called to be ______________ in this world. The journey to that won’t be the easiest. Heck if everyone was called to be _____________, there would be a challenge-less road map to follow. Create your own path, but keep your eyes wide open and mind focused on the positive. And as you travel that road, in between the days that make you feel less that good, remember it’s just one of THOSE days…

Here’s a song, “Can’t Give Up Now”, sung by one of my favorite duo groups, Mary Mary, that always keeps me motivated to keep it moving. Enjoy and continue living passionately!