Passion Living: In Living Color: Emily Lorin

Emily Lorin HairPassions come in ANY form. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s your passion, then it’s meant to follow and live out loud! Today’s ‘Passion Living Out Loud: In Living Color’ spotlight is on hair stylist, Emily Lorin. I’ve known Emily for a while, but never knew her passion; however once I learned of it, her drive for it stood out to me and I wanted to share her with all my readers. Check out my interview with Emily and find out why I consider her to definitely be LIVING HER PASSION OUT LOUD!

Passionista: If you had to define your passion, what would it be?

Emily: My passion is styling hair. I love to cut it, style it, color it or do whatever it takes to transform it into something beautiful.

Passionista: What have you been doing in the past and currently that projects your passion to the world?

Emily: I am currently a new stylist, professionally, so I am learning the business.  I’m working on my brand, Emily Lorin Hair, by promoting myself and my work on my website at, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Like any passion, I’m always working to enhance my skills. There’s so much to learn in the industry. I’ve received certifications with All-Nutrient Color, Mizani, and Keratin Complex. I

Passionista: Have you always been in tune with your passion?

Emily: I have always been good at styling hair, but strangely I never took it seriously until about a year ago.  After I graduated high school I was on the college track in which I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Then after, I worked in Corporate America for several years. I realized it wasn’t for me and was longing to become my own boss.

Passionista: So would you say your passion sort of followed you until you paid attention to it?

Emily:  Yes. I began to soul search to try to figure out what I wanted to do for a living. I knew it would need to be something in which I could use my degree.  With hair on the brain, I asked a friend, then a family member, and then another family member who all responded in the same manner. Everyone agreed that I should pursue becoming a hair stylist and gave me their blessings. I left the company I worked for and enrolled in beauty school.  That was the best decision I have made…ever.

Passionista: If you could describe the way you feel about your passion in one word, what word would you choose?

Emily: Freedom

Passionista: Do you ever think you’ll stop living your passion out loud?

Emily: Absolutely not. The sky is the limit in the industry I’m in.

Passionista: Can you recall when you first realized it was your passion?

Emily: I have always enjoyed doing hair but the word passion is so strong. It was after I began doing hair professionally before I realized it was a “passion” for me. The feeling that I feel after a satisfied client looks in the mirror and begins smiling or dancing, or whatever expression they give because they feel transformed; priceless. I absolutely love what I do!

Passionista:  Who/What inspired you most to live out your passion?

Emily: I’ve pretty much have been self-motivated but my fiancé and my kids inspire me to be the best that I can be. Having a career that I am passionate about helps to complete me.

Passionista: So, do you feel following your passion inspires others to do the same?

Emily:  I sure hope it does. It can inspire a single mother to go back to school and become whatever she wants or it can inspire someone who is not satisfied with their current job situation to pursue something else.

Passionista: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered while following your passion?

Emily: A challenge for me is being Christian and drama-free in a salon. In many salons there is a lot of negativity and gossip. I once questioned if I would lose clients because I’m not able to cater to their “salon gossip/drama” needs. I actually know women who go to particular salons to get the latest scoop or to see drama. I had to come to a realization that my faith and covering will allow me to do well in this business without the negativity. So far, I have been blessed to work in a professional, peaceful atmosphere with great clients that respect me and my beliefs. My clients are there because of my talent not because of a show. I continue to trust God to keep me grounded and to grow my business.

Passionista: Passionate Conviction. I love it! If you could give advice to individuals wanting to live their passion(s) out loud, what would it be?

Emily: Living out your passion takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly….faith in God.  Whatever you are trying to accomplish will take time and it won’t always flow as planned. Sometimes you will even want to give up. Although it takes time, life in the long run is beautiful and fulfilling. There is nothing like doing what you love. I worked several years for a company that paid well and with great benefits, but found myself every morning hating to even step into the building. Luckily I was able to leave and pursue my passion, which was a great sacrifice on my lifestyle. I could no longer shop or buy…anything really. I quit my job to go back to school, during the recession. Sounds crazy, but it was the best decision I have ever made. During my low period, I was broken down spiritually, mentally, and physically but my faith in God carried me through. Now, I am doing what I love and God’s grace is pouring out all over me and my family.

Passionista: So, in ten years, what do you hope to be doing with your passion?

Emily: First, I would hope to have been a salon owner for several years. Besides being a salon owner, I plan to do some platform work, non-profit work, and maybe create a line of hair care products. As I said earlier, the sky is the limit.

My hats are truly off to Emily Lorin. With the passion I hear in her, I know that she will surpass the limit in the sky! Kudos and continue living passionately out loud! You are officially a Passionista too!

Published by Christin Webb

Hi Reader! I am a passionate young woman always aspiring to become better each day. I use the word passionate often, but I do so because I truly believe it defines who I am. I do everything passionately. I love to write. I enjoy singing. I love speaking and teaching. I desire to inspire others through my work and in turn myself. This blog is all about encouraging myself and others to find their true happiness in life through living out their passions. More formally, I am a single mother, writer, producer, businesswoman, thinker, and believer. If I haven't learned much of anything else in the last thirty plus years, its that a person must be happy with self. I know that if you're not happy with yourself, then no one around you has a dying chance in meeting your expectations or positively affecting your life. I hope this blog reaches tons of people desiring to better themselves through what makes them happy the most! That's my purpose. That is my plan.

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