no mosquitoesI know that picture isn’t the most attractive, but so relevant to my post today.;-)

You ever had a pesky, blood-sucking, mosquito gnawing at your skin? Usually when it happens, the bite from the mosquito can become distracting to what you’re trying to accomplish. Maybe you’re outside enjoying an activity. Maybe you’re trying to go to sleep. You could be doing a million different things, but once a mosquito bites you, your focus can be hard to keep steady. You start looking for the alcohol or the ‘OFF’ spray to take care of them. You go from focusing on one task at hand to having to focus primarily on the itching, burning, and out right annoying symptoms of the mosquito bite. Having pesky, non-supportive, distracting friends, associates, and yes, sometimes family around is no different. For every time you attempt to achieve a goal and have them holding you back, you’re wasting more valuable time. You’re creating an environment to almost remain stagnant.

Some people are just fun to be around, but don’t necessarily nurture your goals; your passions. I know I’ve talked about purging before in a previous post, but it can be most relevant when clearing the path to living out your passion. If you can name at least one person that is consistently in your life, yet offers nothing positive to it or your passion, you may want to find that ‘OFF’ spray to keep them away for a while – or for good. It’s not fair to you to have people around you that aren’t beneficial to your progress. Who wants the blood sucked out of them, focus thrown off, and goals unmet?

Shew away the Mosquitoes in your life. Your passion and purpose is so much more important than appeasing your relationship with them. It took me a while to realize and actually act on this point, but when I did it, my focus became unstoppable. Become unstoppable with your passion today and let go of those that are gnawing at you! You’ll be thankful you did.

Until the next post, live life passionately out loud!