Pay The Passion Forward…

I ran into an old friend of mine a few days ago. It was so good to see her. We chatted about how life had been treating us in recent years. I reported on my journey as an author and work. She told me about her family life and job. She also started in onContinue reading “Pay The Passion Forward…”

Passion Maintenance

It’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been busy gnawing away at my passion and today I told myself I needed to put some my attention back on my blog.This past weekend I participated as a speaker at a women’s conference in a town about an hour away from Memphis. It wasContinue reading “Passion Maintenance”

Keep At It…

Jump. Jump. Jump. Remember when you were a child and you would play jump rope? I do. I remember being on the sidewalk in my neighborhood with my pigtail and tennis shoes, jumping rope with my friends. When I first started learning I practically sucked at it. The rope would get caught under my feet.Continue reading “Keep At It…”

Gasp For Life: Waking Up After Abuse

Greetings readers… Today was definitely a turning point in my life. Like all people, I’ve experienced some challenging times in my life. Those moments in my life could have been life ending, yet they ended up being the very things that grew me into a more healthy, well-rounded, and well-aware individual. I’m always talking aboutContinue reading “Gasp For Life: Waking Up After Abuse”