nothingThis morning on Facebook I ran across an associate’s page and saw that they were ranting about what people should and shouldn’t be doing for them. They went on to say that they do so much for others and can’t accept that people don’t do the same for them in return as they expect. The associate seemed very adamant about the fact that their success was bound by the amount of support and ‘actions’ that others put towards their success. Their status was very condescending and practically demanding of people’s attention to their goals. (Insert screeching halt here)

Really? So, their success is based on what others do for them? Furthermore, their support of others was based on the idea that they’d automatically get the same support in return? I’m a bit put off by this because if success was based on the expectations of others support, there would be NO successful people in the world.

Everyone isn’t going to always be as passionate about your goals as you are. There will even be those that wish you no success in your endeavors at all. It’s up to you and your efforts, your faith, your consistence and persistence, and genuine desire to accomplish something that will foster your success. Keep in mind, passions are normally not shared ideas. Even though two people may have a passion for writing, each may have their own style of passion for writing, genre, etc. Don’t allow others actions dictate how you feel about your passion and what you expect from it.

If I waited on others to be as passionate about my work as Author Christin Webb, I’d still be Christin Webb without the title of author. No one owes you anything; however you owe yourself everything within you to follow your passion regardless.

Also, as a side note: Don’t do things for people only to expect them to do something in return. Do it genuinely wanting to do it and seeking nothing more than that satisfaction of helping someone else.

Until the next posting, live life passionately and live it out loud!