There are times that I encounter people who are convinced that their dimly lit past is the reason they can’t have a bright present and future… lessonsIt’s disheartening to hear, but such a familiar story for my own life. There were times that I felt I could never follow my dreams because I’d done soooo much wrong in my past. It was as if I felt I would continue to be punished for my past faults. Yes there is a such thing as karma and reaping what you sow, but there’s also a thing called redemption. Through all that I’ve been through, I’ve learned that this word, REDEMPTION, is much more powerful and obtainable than most even assume.

Today I just wanted to send a message to all those that want to follow their passions; their dreams. I want to encourage you to know that nothing about your negated past has any bearing on what the potential for your present and future are and will be. Our pasts are just that… our pasts. They are not our present rewards and future opportunities. Take this moment to let go of the thought that your past restricts you from a positive future. You CAN live passionately now and forever. You CAN live out your hearts desires with the right planning, thinking, and acting on. You DON’T have to be ashamed or regretful of your past. You CAN use your past as learning tools to be better today and tomorrow.

Keep living passionately. Keep believing that your happiness is well deserving!