Deepest FearsHello All,

I just love when I can tie in my Facebook status updates with my blog. Yesterday, I was inspired by the idea of knowing that success is always in reach whether we have fears or not. The potential for success never disappears, it never becomes some obsolete idea that can’t be obtained. Our fears definitely limit us from seeing said successes.The key to gaining success is overcoming the fears and putting our faith into action. I want to be clear that when I mention success I don’t necessarily mean it in terms of money or fame. I mean it more in terms of achieving a goal as desired or more and knowing what happiness really means. When it comes to living a passionate life or following your passions, your fears have the same effect. Not working towards overcoming your fears will keep you from living a passionate life or following your passions. You’ll never be able to share your gifts and talents if you allow your fears to stand tall above your heart’s desires.

I know what I write may sound a bit cliché and repetitive, but I am a firm believer that doubt, fear, and disbelief are the GREATEST barriers to following your passions, living passionately, and in turn, truly being happy in life. For someone reading this message its right on time and needed as they wade through some of their deepest fears at this very moment. Heck, even I need some reinforcement sometimes as I continue my passionate journey. The great point in it all is that the potential for that happiness never leaves, you’ve just got to work harder, smarter, and consistently at following your passions. Again, your gifts and talents don’t exist to be succumbed by fear, but induced into the universe to have a positive effect on not only your life, but the lives of those that come in contact with those gifts and talents.

Break down that wall of fear, cross that line of doubt, and find that happiness was always there for your taking!

Continue living passionately and don’t GIVE UP!