No Children AllowedI’ve posted on this topic before, but felt even more compelled after I finally put my doubts behind me and engaged my daughter into my passion. I am the first to tell you I used to believe I couldn’t actively pursue my dreams as Author Christin Webb because I have a young child. I was convinced that she’d be in the way, be bored, or just wouldn’t be welcomed to the events that I participated in. Yes my resources for babysitting are limited, but after some thought, praying and a recent discussion with another local author, I realized that I was actually doing my daughter an injustice by not including her in my activities as Author Christin Webb.

I finally took my daughter to one of my speaking engagements and she was on her best behavior, actually got a chance to participate in the event, and from what I could see, learned how to socialize in a different setting than what she’d been accustomed to. Not only was I pleased with what I was able to share with the attendees of the event, but I was able to share an even greater value of life with my daughter.

Children can learn so much from us. Just watching parents actively pursue their dreams increase the chances that they won’t view life as having limitations to their own dreams. A perfect example is the exposure from my father’s passion at an early age. As early as age six I knew my father was a writer. And while he was more into the non-fiction, historical based writings, my passion for writing was nurtured by watching him do what he loved. Keep in mind, your child may not grow up and want to be the passionate cooker, seamstress, or graphic designer as you are, but they will know what it means to actively pursue happiness. By watching him, I had a foundation of knowing that I could follow my desires to write professionally as well. And what do you know… almost thirty years later, I’m doing that exact thing! 😉

So for me… No more excuses on why I can’t make an event because of not having a sitter (unless it’s an extremely adult only event). I will no longer limit my daughter from expanding her exposure to people, things, and places. She’s learning that mommy is also author mommy and some things just come with that territory. I wanted to encourage all the parents that read this post not to let your role of parenting keep you from following your dreams. Just know that you following them and exposing your children to that in turn help them follow their dreams too!

Until the next time, passionately live out loud so your children will live passionately out loud too! 😉