Pay It ForwardI ran into an old friend of mine a few days ago. It was so good to see her. We chatted about how life had been treating us in recent years. I reported on my journey as an author and work. She told me about her family life and job. She also started in on talking about how good it was to hear that I was following my love for writing. She continued with a few words of doubt in her ability to follow her dreams. She said she always wanted to be a seamstress. My reply to her was simple, “DO IT”. She came up with various reasons as to why she couldn’t. First, there was the excuse about never having time. Then she went on to say her attention towards her family limited her. Then she moved on to her lack of skill at sewing. I again, stopped her in her wallowing and replied to her, “DO IT”. I hope she didn’t find my comment to be too forward or dismissive of her reasoning, but I didn’t’ want to feed into her doubt but feed her the undeniable fact that she was just going to have to give it a try.

There are so many things we can come up with that will keep us from moving forward with our hearts desires. The elation I heard from her voice as she talked about becoming a seamstress was one I was so familiar with. It was one that clearly meant that if she’d just step out on faith and begin sewing, she’d find a happiness; a contentedness to life that she couldn’t imagine, but only experience by doing. It was important that I didn’t give in to her doubt. In life sometimes we only have one chance to encourage someone; fuel their aspirations. Because I didn’t know the next time I’d ever see her again, my words may have been the only chance to encourage her to move forward with her passion. Not only is it important to follow our own passions, but it’s just as important to encourage others. Why be happy alone? Encourage others to follow their dreams and in turn you’ll gain some satisfaction/happiness from it as well…

As the new terms goes… Pay It Forward… 😉

Until the next posting, Passionistas, continue LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!