Gasping for LifeGreetings readers… Today was definitely a turning point in my life. Like all people, I’ve experienced some challenging times in my life. Those moments in my life could have been life ending, yet they ended up being the very things that grew me into a more healthy, well-rounded, and well-aware individual.

I’m always talking about grinding for your passion; the act of persistently putting in work towards your passion. For me, my passion is writing and I’m blessed to see the fruit of my harvest from time to time. During the month of September, I started pitching articles for the month of October which is observed as Domestic Violence Month. Today, I saw some of my fruit. My article/short story, “Gasp For Life: Waking Up After Abuse” was published in the online magazine, For Harriet. The short story is the first time I’ve ever shared my experience with domestic violence. I’ve been healing from my hurtful experience with it over the last few years and today just created an extension of the scab of my wound. I feel my voice is being heard, my pain is still leaving, and my future is even brighter.

Check out the link below to read the article, “Gasp For Life: Waking Up After Abuse”

I share this post with you today to encourage you to not let downfalls or challenging moments of your past keep you from knowing your future will be brighter. Because of your past you are stronger, wiser, and more equipped for the next dart life is going to target your with. Let your passion be the light in the tunnel when it’s a bit dim.

Until the next posting, continue living PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!