Self Defined… My Life…

My life isn’t to be confused with the norms of what most expect. My life is more meaningful to me than anyone could add, subtract, multiple, divide or attempt to determine the value. It is incomparable and specifically designed by the destiny set before me. My life doesn’t change with the winds of others attitudes,Continue reading “Self Defined… My Life…”

The World Owes You What?

This morning on Facebook I ran across an associate’s page and saw that they were ranting about what people should and shouldn’t be doing for them. They went on to say that they do so much for others and can’t accept that people don’t do the same for them in return as they expect. TheContinue reading “The World Owes You What?”

“Enough Time”

One of the best things about having a blog is being able to be your own marketing/sounding board for your own projects! I rarely do this, but today I want to encourage each of you to stop by any of the following online markets and purchase my first, inspirational, fiction novel, “Enough Time”. http://www.barnesandnoble.comContinue reading ““Enough Time””

No Weapons…

It’s Monday Passionistas! And although it’s the second day of the week, Monday is often viewed as the beginning of the weekend and a chance to start anew. Make today that moment for you! Now on to my message for the day! 😉 Today was an interesting day. I had to appear in court. ItContinue reading “No Weapons…”


There are times that I encounter people who are convinced that their dimly lit past is the reason they can’t have a bright present and future… It’s disheartening to hear, but such a familiar story for my own life. There were times that I felt I could never follow my dreams because I’d done sooooContinue reading “REDEMPTION”

The Breath You Take…

Just sending a few words of encouragement to all the Passionistas today! I haven’t written a poem in forever, but check out this one I mustered up today. The Breath You Take Your passion is the breath you take It is the wind that guides you through life It is the calmness of the stormContinue reading “The Breath You Take…”

Induce the Potential for Success

Hello All, I just love when I can tie in my Facebook status updates with my blog. Yesterday, I was inspired by the idea of knowing that success is always in reach whether we have fears or not. The potential for success never disappears, it never becomes some obsolete idea that can’t be obtained. OurContinue reading “Induce the Potential for Success”

Parenting Passions

I’ve posted on this topic before, but felt even more compelled after I finally put my doubts behind me and engaged my daughter into my passion. I am the first to tell you I used to believe I couldn’t actively pursue my dreams as Author Christin Webb because I have a young child. I wasContinue reading “Parenting Passions”

Changing Seasons of Passion

Good Day Passionistas! I definitely hope each and every one of your weekend’s time was productive and enjoyable. If you’re like me and have a regular nine to five (non-passion related), today we’re back to the grind of lining someone’s pocket and creating opportunities for us to play middle men to our bill collectors. IContinue reading “Changing Seasons of Passion”

It’s the Weekend Baby…

Hey everyone, Today’s posting is going to short and sweet. It’s Friday and I am definitely looking forward to getting out of the office for a few days. This has been one of the longest weeks I’ve experienced in a while. It was productive, but long all the same.This is the first weekend where IContinue reading “It’s the Weekend Baby…”