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October 2013

Self Defined… My Life…

My Life...My life isn’t to be confused with the norms of what most expect.

My life is more meaningful to me than anyone could add, subtract, multiple, divide or attempt to determine the value.

It is incomparable and specifically designed by the destiny set before me.

My life doesn’t change with the winds of others attitudes, ideas, or opinions, but by my faith and understanding of truth.

My life is defined by me and no other person or thing.

It wasn’t created by them therefore can’t be diminished, denied, or refuted.

No one can take away the paths that I desire to travel, that I follow through with my actions, and that I see come to fruition in their due time.

My life is self defined.

It is lived out by me.

It is my life.



The World Owes You What?

nothingThis morning on Facebook I ran across an associate’s page and saw that they were ranting about what people should and shouldn’t be doing for them. They went on to say that they do so much for others and can’t accept that people don’t do the same for them in return as they expect. The associate seemed very adamant about the fact that their success was bound by the amount of support and ‘actions’ that others put towards their success. Their status was very condescending and practically demanding of people’s attention to their goals. (Insert screeching halt here)

Really? So, their success is based on what others do for them? Furthermore, their support of others was based on the idea that they’d automatically get the same support in return? I’m a bit put off by this because if success was based on the expectations of others support, there would be NO successful people in the world.

Everyone isn’t going to always be as passionate about your goals as you are. There will even be those that wish you no success in your endeavors at all. It’s up to you and your efforts, your faith, your consistence and persistence, and genuine desire to accomplish something that will foster your success. Keep in mind, passions are normally not shared ideas. Even though two people may have a passion for writing, each may have their own style of passion for writing, genre, etc. Don’t allow others actions dictate how you feel about your passion and what you expect from it.

If I waited on others to be as passionate about my work as Author Christin Webb, I’d still be Christin Webb without the title of author. No one owes you anything; however you owe yourself everything within you to follow your passion regardless.

Also, as a side note: Don’t do things for people only to expect them to do something in return. Do it genuinely wanting to do it and seeking nothing more than that satisfaction of helping someone else.

Until the next posting, live life passionately and live it out loud!

“Enough Time”

book (2)One of the best things about having a blog is being able to be your own marketing/sounding board for your own projects! I rarely do this, but today I want to encourage each of you to stop by any of the following online markets and purchase my first, inspirational, fiction novel, “Enough Time”.

If there were ever a piece of work I could have written that expounds on the idea that redemption exists for ANYONE that seeks it out, “Enough Time” is that piece. I would love to have your support in reading it, sharing details about it with your friends and family, and of course, receiving your personal reviews of the book. It’s an awesome episodic story that touches on real life, hard, situations, but leaves the reader knowing that, they too, can begin again!

Check out the official book trailer directed by Raf Valentino Films and co-produced by me and Raf Valentino.

Not sure if it’s the next good read for you? Click here to read an excerpt.

Also, check out the reviews so far. Several readers are impressed with “Enough Time”…

Until the next posting, I hope you support the book, receive the message, and enjoy it as well!

Keep living passionately, PASSIONISTAS!!!

No Weapons…

no weaponsIt’s Monday Passionistas! And although it’s the second day of the week, Monday is often viewed as the beginning of the weekend and a chance to start anew. Make today that moment for you!

Now on to my message for the day! πŸ˜‰

Today was an interesting day. I had to appear in court. It wasn’t because of anything I did wrong, but without going into many details, the appearance worked out in my favor and brought about a great point I wanted to elaborate on today. So, this morning when I sat in court, I remember when I first had to appear in court for the same case. Previously, when I was walking in darker light,Β  the outcome of the case rarely worked in my favor or seemed to create more headache than relief. However, as I began to walk a different walk in my life, the hearings that followed worked 100% in my favor. Just like today and I’m smiling ear to ear! πŸ˜‰

I can think back to several points in my life when I was attempting to follow my passion. In many of those instances, I failed at being able to successfully follow my passion. I didn’t fail because I wasn’t putting in the effort, but I failed because there were other things in my life that I wasn’t being genuine, truthful, and honest to myself in what I really needed to be doing. My past is no path of all light. There are many things I have done in my past that have fostered many of its dark moments. The learning point for me is that by the time I figured out that I couldn’t continue to live in darkness, but constantly seek out brightness, following my passion became that much easier. I speak on this point throughout posts on this blog.

I expound on the fact that your surrounding lifestyle, efforts, choices, and decisions greatly determine the outcome of your heart’s desires. You will NEVER be able to successfully follow your passion if your heart and efforts aren’t in the right; positive place. It’s impossible. It may seem like you’re headed in the right direction, but the rate of your progress and the quality of that progress DEPENDS on your choices. Your poor decisions, choices, lifestyle is a direct contribution to the weapons that will be used against your life’s progress.

What are you doing in your current life that may be restricting you from FULLY living out your passion? Maybe there is more than can come from your passion if you could just make the necessary changes in your life that will better foster that outcome. When you are living a positive, healthy lifestyle, making positive choices, NOTHING can keep you from moving closer to your destiny! I walked into court today practically a brand new woman than I had been in the past and nothing could stand in my way! It wasn’t because the court was automatically going to see things my way, but I’d begun sowing different seeds in my life and what I was to reap today followed behind.

Be positive. Make positive choices. Leave your negated ways in the past and make today your positive future!


There are times that I encounter people who are convinced that their dimly lit past is the reason they can’t have a bright present and future… lessonsIt’s disheartening to hear, but such a familiar story for my own life. There were times that I felt I could never follow my dreams because I’d done soooo much wrong in my past. It was as if I felt I would continue to be punished for my past faults. Yes there is a such thing as karma and reaping what you sow, but there’s also a thing called redemption. Through all that I’ve been through, I’ve learned that this word, REDEMPTION, is much more powerful and obtainable than most even assume.

Today I just wanted to send a message to all those that want to follow their passions; their dreams. I want to encourage you to know that nothing about your negated past has any bearing on what the potential for your present and future are and will be. Our pasts are just that… our pasts. They are not our present rewards and future opportunities. Take this moment to let go of the thought that your past restricts you from a positive future. You CAN live passionately now and forever. You CAN live out your hearts desires with the right planning, thinking, and acting on. You DON’T have to be ashamed or regretful of your past. You CAN use your past as learning tools to be better today and tomorrow.

Keep living passionately. Keep believing that your happiness is well deserving!

The Breath You Take…

Just sending a few words of encouragement to all the Passionistas today! I haven’t written a poem in forever, but check out this one I mustered up today.

The Breath You Take


Your passion is the breath you take

It is the wind that guides you through life

It is the calmness of the storm that sometimes swirls around your very being

Your passion is the breath you take

It is the bind between your life and your destiny

It dispels any doubt and defines your happiness

Your passion is the breath you take

Without it you are just a leaf on a tree in the fall never to fall and see new seasons

You are the passion you breathe

You are the passion you define through your heart

It is your breath

It is you.

Induce the Potential for Success

Deepest FearsHello All,

I just love when I can tie in my Facebook status updates with my blog. Yesterday, I was inspired by the idea of knowing that success is always in reach whether we have fears or not. The potential for success never disappears, it never becomes some obsolete idea that can’t be obtained. Our fears definitely limit us from seeing said successes.The key to gaining success is overcoming the fears and putting our faith into action. I want to be clear that when I mention success I don’t necessarily mean it in terms of money or fame. I mean it more in terms of achieving a goal as desired or more and knowing what happiness really means. When it comes to living a passionate life or following your passions, your fears have the same effect. Not working towards overcoming your fears will keep you from living a passionate life or following your passions. You’ll never be able to share your gifts and talents if you allow your fears to stand tall above your heart’s desires.

I know what I write may sound a bit clichΓ© and repetitive, but I am a firm believer that doubt, fear, and disbelief are the GREATEST barriers to following your passions, living passionately, and in turn, truly being happy in life. For someone reading this message its right on time and needed as they wade through some of their deepest fears at this very moment. Heck, even I need some reinforcement sometimes as I continue my passionate journey. The great point in it all is that the potential for that happiness never leaves, you’ve just got to work harder, smarter, and consistently at following your passions. Again, your gifts and talents don’t exist to be succumbed by fear, but induced into the universe to have a positive effect on not only your life, but the lives of those that come in contact with those gifts and talents.

Break down that wall of fear, cross that line of doubt, and find that happiness was always there for your taking!

Continue living passionately and don’t GIVE UP!

Parenting Passions

No Children AllowedI’ve posted on this topic before, but felt even more compelled after I finally put my doubts behind me and engaged my daughter into my passion. I am the first to tell you I used to believe I couldn’t actively pursue my dreams as Author Christin Webb because I have a young child. I was convinced that she’d be in the way, be bored, or just wouldn’t be welcomed to the events that I participated in. Yes my resources for babysitting are limited, but after some thought, praying and a recent discussion with another local author, I realized that I was actually doing my daughter an injustice by not including her in my activities as Author Christin Webb.

I finally took my daughter to one of my speaking engagements and she was on her best behavior, actually got a chance to participate in the event, and from what I could see, learned how to socialize in a different setting than what she’d been accustomed to. Not only was I pleased with what I was able to share with the attendees of the event, but I was able to share an even greater value of life with my daughter.

Children can learn so much from us. Just watching parents actively pursue their dreams increase the chances that they won’t view life as having limitations to their own dreams. A perfect example is the exposure from my father’s passion at an early age. As early as age six I knew my father was a writer. And while he was more into the non-fiction, historical based writings, my passion for writing was nurtured by watching him do what he loved. Keep in mind, your child may not grow up and want to be the passionate cooker, seamstress, or graphic designer as you are, but they will know what it means to actively pursue happiness. By watching him, I had a foundation of knowing that I could follow my desires to write professionally as well. And what do you know… almost thirty years later, I’m doing that exact thing! πŸ˜‰

So for me… No more excuses on why I can’t make an event because of not having a sitter (unless it’s an extremely adult only event). I will no longer limit my daughter from expanding her exposure to people, things, and places. She’s learning that mommy is also author mommy and some things just come with that territory. I wanted to encourage all the parents that read this post not to let your role of parenting keep you from following your dreams. Just know that you following them and exposing your children to that in turn help them follow their dreams too!

Until the next time, passionately live out loud so your children will live passionately out loud too! πŸ˜‰

Changing Seasons of Passion

changing seasonsGood Day Passionistas!

I definitely hope each and every one of your weekend’s time was productive and enjoyable. If you’re like me and have a regular nine to five (non-passion related), today we’re back to the grind of lining someone’s pocket and creating opportunities for us to play middle men to our bill collectors. I kid. I kid. I actually like my nine to five, but it does nothing for me in comparison to what following my passion feels like.

This morning as I prepared for work, like normal, I turned on the news to catch a few stories that weren’t reported on last night and to catch the weather for this week. Here in Memphis we are currently in transition from Summer to Fall. True enough, technically it is Fall time, but the weather doesn’t necessarily coincide with that. So far in the month of October, we’ve had a few cooler days with highs in the mid-sixties, but we’ve still seen the temperature likes of seventy-five and above. Some days I’m not sure if I should wear boots or sandals, sweaters or sleeveless shirts.This week alone, Memphians will experience weather highs of eighty plus and by the week’s end, we’ll possibly be wearing boots and light jackets. Talk about confusing the body.

After seeing this weather transition, it made me focus on the fact that during the change of seasons, there are those moments of transition. You don’t just go from hot to completely cold in a matter of one day. Following your passion is no different. Life is all about seasons. During those transitions, the best thing to do is work on being prepared for the next season. You’ll have days and months where it seems your passion is being lived out to its most capitalized moments. There will be other days and months where you won’t see any fruits from your work; you may even have a low desire of following your passion. Consider the latter to be your moments of transitioning from season to season. While you’re in those days where you are bursting at the seams in passion, use them as your preparation for the next season. Don’t allow the transitions to confuse your state of purpose. Know that the transition is all apart of the purpose.

Even with this back and forth weather, I know I’ve got to get my heavier clothing out of the closets and storage bins they were so tightly packed in during the warmer months. I may not need all of them today, but before long, I’ll surely need to have them on my body to protect myself from the cooler weather. I may even have to wear a light jacket in the mornings (well so far I actually have had to) and by the end of the day remove it. Treat your passion no differently, during those in between periods, prepare, think, strategize, plan for your next passionate season. It’s coming for sure. It’s just a matter of getting through the transition.

Until the next posting, be inspired to continue living passionately. Remember your happiness depends on it! πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah… don’t forget your sweater! πŸ˜‰

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