me at bwabcIt’s a brand new week everyone! Yes, it’s also your brand new week to continue on your journey! It’s time to begin again at chipping away at your passion. Come up with a new idea. Define a new tactic for living your passion out loud! You are the author of your happiness and today creates another avenue for that happiness!

Why am I full of inspiring words today? Well,  hopefully I’m always full of inspiration here on this blog, but I’m feeling even more motivated today as relates to following passions. I spent this past weekend living out my dream as an author. I was definitely in MY element. As I sat in the crowded room with other talented and unique authors, I felt like it was my first time promoting my book, “Enough Time”. This past year, I’ve done a few book clubs, book festivals/conferences, etc, but each time feels like the first. And I hope that I always have that feeling whenever I’m out doing ME, Author Christin Webb.

The feeling led me to my Facebook ‘Today’s Thought For Life” quote: “There is no reason today can’t be the day you begin following your dreams: AGAIN”. What an awesome feeling to follow your passion and each time feel as though its the first. That’s when you know you’re doing it right. You’re living exactly the way life was intended to feel. Every time I put on my author hat in a public forum, I get the same high again. Every day you have the opportunity to follow your dreams, live your passion(s) out loud! Let today be your awareness of that point and make it happen!

Until you read my posts again, LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

Oh yeah… here are a few pics from the event I participated in, the Black Writers and Book Club Festival!

shelia lipsey
BWABC Founder – Shelia Lipsey
Classmate and fellow author, Natalie Lewis and myself at the BWABC
Enjoyed meeting fellow author Tremayne Moore
me and sherri
Meeting local authors always get me to smiling. Author Sherri Scott and myself at the BWABC Festival