four out of five starsHey All,

I swear when I haven’t posted in a couple of days I feel like I’m doing something wrong… HA! I laugh because it’s amazing how my passion drives me so. I feel guilty for not putting my thoughts on paper (or a computer screen). Whether I’m sharing or not, my passion tells me that I owe it to myself to write as often and as openly as I can.

Now you’re asking yourself what is it I want to talk about today? Well, today I received a new book review for my novel, “Enough Time”. I love a review from any reader of mine, be it good or bad or indifferent. I honestly feel that reviews/opinions breathe life into my book, opening doors for more people to get inside my head and understand my passion more clearly. Well, the review I received today wasn’t a bad one. In fact, I received a four out of five stars. It was posted on and, which means thousands of people have my reviews right at their fingertips to make the most conscious decision about purchasing my book. I will say, though, that the review had maybe one or two ‘not so favorable’ or ‘less praising’ comments within it. At first when I read the post, I was very hype and was like, “Yes, they loved it!” I saw the four out of five rating before I even began reading and was pumped just by the stars. By the time I got near the end of the review, I saw what was more opinionated or preferred thoughts about what they felt should have happened in the book, maybe didn’t seem realistic enough for them, or what should have been reflected. Well guess what? I didn’t get mad. I didn’t get phased in the least way. In fact, I closed the link down and opened my email browser so I could thank the reviewer for their comments. I was genuinely thankful that they’d even given it the time of day to read it and shared with the world what they thought about it. I hope they accepted my thanks as such and now I can move on to the next reviewer. Their review may still spark others to see if their opinion is true or if it’s really a five out of five stars type of book (which I think it is ;-)). Remember, book reviews/opinions breathe life into books. And the review I received today, did just that, gave my book more life; more attention; more options for people to decipher through.

I write all of this to point out that sometimes people won’t immediately or fully accept your passion (that’s if you choose to publicly share it). Some will criticize and out right rebuke your efforts all together. You can’t be moved by those moments though. At least you shouldn’t be negatively moved by the those moments. You always have to stay focused on the reason you’re even following your passion in the first place. Hopefully, its solely to bring happiness to your life. You can’t impress everyone. Heck, you may not impress anyone, but as long as you’re genuinely and persistently following your passion, you’re doing everything right!

Your passion is for you regardless of what it is. You may need the support/opinions of others to fuel progress with your passion (if it requires that), but all in all as long as you’re following your passion out loud then don’t be phased by what others think! I really want to share this point because sometimes people need encouragement to keep on their passion after they received not-so-good feedback. You’re living that passion for a reason! Keep at it!

Want to check out the review? Click here.

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Until the next posting —>>>> continue LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!