passion wombHappy Monday Passionistas!!!

Did you know that you were already equipped with everything you need to become the greater you from the womb?

Seriously, you were. That means whatever your passion is, you’re equipped with the internal resources to make it a part of your daily life. I’m a firm believer that your passion is a gift, it’s given to you at birth. While it may take some years to realize what your passion is, it’s already within you from the womb. Sometimes it takes life events to help us realize what our passions are, but the fact that your ability to live out that passion always exists. With the right attention and nurturing, your passion can become your life’s work.

Your passion will seem very natural to you. It will seem natural because that’s what you were born with. Just like the air you breathe in and out feels effortless, living out your passion does the same. It won’t seem to take up time from your daily life, yet your regular life will seem to take up time from your passion.You’ll crave to give it the most attention possible.

The best part of about having a passion is that no one can take it away from you. What’s given to you is yours to keep forever. What happens with your passion depends solely on your decisions, your actions, and your belief in self. Don’t take for granted what was specifically designed for you! Your passion is your destiny! LIVE IT OUT LOUD!