Started From the BottomFor those of you who may be fans of hip hop artist, Drake, you’re probably already wondering what this post could possibly be about according to its title. As much as his song, “Started From the Bottom” may not have immediate relevance to my blog, as usual I’m going to make it work.

Living passionately takes a certain amount of effort or persistent movement towards your desired outcome. Every goal; every desire to live out a dream begins from an idea. For the sake of this post, we’ll call the idea, ‘the bottom’ (not a negated bottom~bottom as in the beginning). If you’re already living your passion out loud, you may remember when you felt you were at ‘the bottom’. You allowed the idea to roll around in your head, possibly even jotting down the idea on paper from time to time, but at some point you began doing something about that idea. Maybe it’s only been a month since you began following your passion. You could even be in your fifth year following your passion. The point is you’re finally out of that ‘idea’ state and actually doing something with your passion. Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you feel just a bit more fulfilled in life; with a greater spark of happiness? You started from the bottom, with an idea, and today you can say you’re further along with following your passion.

Even if you can’t put yourself in this category, the great thing about it all is that you can work towards being in that category. Think about if you could wake up in two weeks after actually putting action to your passion and say that you’re somewhere different with it. It’s no longer just an idea. I believe as humans we all want to be greater later; better than yesterday; moving upward and onward. Moving from just an idea (the bottom) to a state of action is what life should be all about. What if tomorrow you could proudly say, “I was at the bottom, now I’m here”? I don’t want you to wake up two weeks from now, a year or so and still be at the idea stage of your passion. I want you to be inspired to actively seek out your growth in your passion.

Growth is what I desire for myself and all those that read this post. Push yourself to start or continue with that idea; that passion of yours. Inspire yourself to grab a hold and maintain your own happiness. Who knows where your actions will take you ~ the sky is the LIMIT!!!

Until the next post, remember to LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD! Don’t forget to join the Passion Grind Movement and take your happiness by the reign!