Roll It Out

Hello Passionistas!!!! I hope all is well in your corner. Me? Just trying to keep at it; maintaining a mood of inspiration for my passion! 😉

If you’re anything like me then your brain is always running about a million miles a minute. You’re always planning and thinking, thinking and planning, but what about the action? Today I just wanted to take a brief moment and encourage you to take that plan that swirls around in your brain and roll it out!

What’s a dream without any action? What’s a passion without the oomph to follow it? Plainly put ~ ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Don’t do yourself or your passion an injustice by letting it marinate in your head. Take a piece of paper or sit down at a computer and write out what and how you’re going to move it from the state of an idea to an action. Your thoughts were not created for the purpose of thinking alone, but for the purpose of bringing joy to your heart; becoming the definition of your happiness.

So… what are you waiting for? ROLL IT OUT!!!