scissorsPut the scissors away. Stop looking for the yellow brick road. No there isn’t an easy or seamless way to your dreams.

With yesterday being my anniversary as an author, I reflected a lot on my journey to this point. I realized that the most important fact that came out of it is that anything worth having is worth putting in the hard work for it. I didn’t become an author by treading some shortcut to it. I had to put on some elbow grease and ‘wax on’ and ‘wax off’ my way to my goal. I think society, including outlets such as TV, internet, social media etc, make goals seem so easy to achieve. It’s easy to think the person we see on TV with the millions of  dollars or the big houses, etc. got it all by waking up one day and walking right up to their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, you do have those individuals that may have been silver spoon fed some dreams, but the true appreciation of the achievement of a dream usually comes from the grit and grind (shout out to the Memphis Grizzlies ;-)) of working hard.

After six years, now seven, I can officially call myself Author Christin Webb, but never could I have just sat around and waited for it to happen. Many people will argue that self-publishing is a saturated avenue and usually includes under talented writers, but I argue that self-publishing allows people to make their dreams happen. If you’re familiar with the publishing world, traditional publishing can take years and years before being accepted by an agency and then published. Self-publishing also requires a lot of work by the author to be 100% active in their goal. I wrote the book, found an editor to edit the book, found a printer to print the book, marketed the book, etc. I’m getting tired thinking about all the hard work that went into making my dream/passion a public reality. I researched, created a plan, and starting crawling. Heck, I’m barely walking because I’m still learning, but I’m still in it for the reward of obtaining my goal through hard work. There was no easy way to the finish line. I just had to do and take EVERY step that was required to get there.

Are you taking the full road to your dreams or still looking for shortcuts? Either way good luck!

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