pressure cookerTurn off the pressure cooker and relax… There should never be pressure put on your passion. #nopressureforpassion (yes I used a hash tag) 😉

Today I was checking out a writer I know, also the blogger of Because I Said So, whom I really am inspired by. I’m primarily inspired by her because she’s been professionally writing waaaayyyy longer than me and because she’s from my hometown. Sometimes having people in close proximity doing what you love can keep you inspired to continue doing what you love. Not only does she inspire me because of her ability to have entered the compensatory world of writing, but she’s outright awesome with words.

Her post was basically about her desire to do more blogging than she’d been doing recently. And while she has a ton of followers (including myself), is compensated and respected across the nation through various publications, she still has a strong desire to do more than she’s doing with her blog… She left me in awe because I felt she was doing a great, inspiring job. Whether her posts are frequent or infrequent, her posts motivate me to get on my blog and do some posting of my own.

While I’m not sure if her blog is a passion or not, her post today inspired me to write about how a passion shouldn’t include pressure. Whenever you find yourself mentally pressured to do something with your passion, a break is definitely in order and should be appreciated and not dismissed as a lack of anything. That’s the beauty of a passion. It’s supposed to be freeing, calming, relaxing, and make you happy. I’m so guilty for expecting more of myself, whether I’m going a hundred miles an hour or not. I sometimes feel I’m never doing enough. Heck, last week, I felt I needed to do more for my book sales, but with three events for the next few weeks, you’d think I’d understand that I am grinding pretty good. Now if a pretty well-defined period (I’d say six months to a year or more) of time goes by without you giving any effort towards your passion occurs, then its start to turn the pressure cooker up just a little. What gets your mojo going? What inspires you to work on your passion? Put yourself in that environment; think about that booster. Otherwise, as long as you’re working on your passion in some fashion at some point in time, you’re on the right track…

Remember, “No Pressure For Passion” #nopressureforpassion

Until the next posting ~ LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!