familyHello Readers! It’s the day after Labor Day! I hope you’re all rested and set aside yesterday to rest and acknowledge the contributions that all workers past and present make towards the economy of the United States of America! Ok. Enough of my patriotism. πŸ˜‰

I wanted to spend this post stressing the point of family. I rarely speak on how family plays a part of living a passionate life. For those that are able to enjoy their family, they are the other part or parts of our lives that keep us grounded; that keep us aware of ourselves and where we come from. When you’re not following your passion (unless that passion is taking care of family) or you’re not working, you’re probably around family. Family doesn’t have to be those that are a part of your blood line.They can be those whom make you feel warm, comforted, and protected. They help guard you from mistakes. They celebrate you when you’re achieving. Family is what and who you define them as.

Family stuck out to me because every Labor Day weekend, I have the pleasure of ensuring my daughter has an awesome birthday celebration. She’s a Labor Day weekend baby, as her birthday is September 1st. Sooooo… every Labor Day weekend I get to make her smile one way or another. This Labor Day weekend or should I say this year’s birthday celebration I really reflected on how important it is to take time away from your passion and spend time with your family. While I may not have been able to write or produce anything new as relates to my passion of writing, I was able to instill happiness in my daughter. That happiness, in my opinion, helps to shape her sense of self value and appreciation of life. Me stepping away from my passion helps to develop hers. What isn’t encouraging about that?

I know I spend a lot of time on this blog stressing following your passion, not letting anything stand in your way when it comes to your passion. That’s definitely all relative but there has to be a balance. You have to appreciate the moments in between living your passion in order to best appreciate your passion.

Guess what? My family time gave me something to write about! πŸ˜‰ Looks like I was living my passion anyways… πŸ˜‰