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September 2013

Jennifer Lewis Speaks on Passion…

I don’t have much to add to the video. Jennifer Lewis just reinforces what I try to promote on this blog with every post. I love her candid and forthright attitude. You are the author of your happiness. Follow your passion and run with it!!!



Following Your Passion: Misleading or Mistaken?

PrintToday I read two interesting articles on following passions (see links below). Both were related to the fact that the promotion of the idea of following your passion is misleading. I think the idea of following you passion is only misleading when a person is unrealistic about what to do with that passion. I don’t think it’s responsible to wake up one morning, define your passion, and then turn in your two-week notice to your employer. IF your desire to follow your passion includes doing it full-time, then you must have a PLAN that will solidify doing it 100% of the time. There has to be a buy-in, an attraction for people to invest in that passion and create a substantial lifestyle for the person with the passion.

For me, that time has not presented itself, so I still wake up every morning, put on my office attire and head to my nine to five. However, that doesn’t limit me from following my dreams. On my breaks or once I take off that nine to five hat, I put on my writer’s hat and follow my passion.

I agree with the articles that without speaking on the realities of following your passions, one may mistakenly make a not-so-well thought out decision on following their passion, but in general, without following your passion, your happiness is that much further into the distance. Following your passion isn’t a misleading idea, but hasty choices can be the mistake.

Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ is Bad Career Advice

“Follow Your Passion is Crappy Advice”

I will never stop promoting the idea that following your passion is a healthy and meaningful way to living life, but I will agree that researching, planning, and executing is important in any purpose of following it.

Continue with your day, Passionistas and LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

Follow Your Dreams, AGAIN!

me at bwabcIt’s a brand new week everyone! Yes, it’s also your brand new week to continue on your journey! It’s time to begin again at chipping away at your passion. Come up with a new idea. Define a new tactic for living your passion out loud! You are the author of your happiness and today creates another avenue for that happiness!

Why am I full of inspiring words today? Well,┬á hopefully I’m always full of inspiration here on this blog, but I’m feeling even more motivated today as relates to following passions. I spent this past weekend living out my dream as an author. I was definitely in MY element. As I sat in the crowded room with other talented and unique authors, I felt like it was my first time promoting my book, “Enough Time”. This past year, I’ve done a few book clubs, book festivals/conferences, etc, but each time feels like the first. And I hope that I always have that feeling whenever I’m out doing ME, Author Christin Webb.

The feeling led me to my Facebook ‘Today’s Thought For Life” quote: “There is no reason today can’t be the day you begin following your dreams: AGAIN”. What an awesome feeling to follow your passion and each time feel as though its the first. That’s when you know you’re doing it right. You’re living exactly the way life was intended to feel. Every time I put on my author hat in a public forum, I get the same high again. Every day you have the opportunity to follow your dreams, live your passion(s) out loud! Let today be your awareness of that point and make it happen!

Until you read my posts again, LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

Oh yeah… here are a few pics from the event I participated in, the Black Writers and Book Club Festival!

shelia lipsey
BWABC Founder – Shelia Lipsey
Classmate and fellow author, Natalie Lewis and myself at the BWABC
Enjoyed meeting fellow author Tremayne Moore
me and sherri
Meeting local authors always get me to smiling. Author Sherri Scott and myself at the BWABC Festival


Phased the Least…

four out of five starsHey All,

I swear when I haven’t posted in a couple of days I feel like I’m doing something wrong… HA! I laugh because it’s amazing how my passion drives me so. I feel guilty for not putting my thoughts on paper (or a computer screen). Whether I’m sharing or not, my passion tells me that I owe it to myself to write as often and as openly as I can.

Now you’re asking yourself what is it I want to talk about today? Well, today I received a new book review for my novel, “Enough Time”. I love a review from any reader of mine, be it good or bad or indifferent. I honestly feel that reviews/opinions breathe life into my book, opening doors for more people to get inside my head and understand my passion more clearly. Well, the review I received today wasn’t a bad one. In fact, I received a four out of five stars. It was posted on and, which means thousands of people have my reviews right at their fingertips to make the most conscious decision about purchasing my book. I will say, though, that the review had maybe one or two ‘not so favorable’ or ‘less praising’ comments within it. At first when I read the post, I was very hype and was like, “Yes, they loved it!” I saw the four out of five rating before I even began reading and was pumped just by the stars. By the time I got near the end of the review, I saw what was more opinionated or preferred thoughts about what they felt should have happened in the book, maybe didn’t seem realistic enough for them, or what should have been reflected. Well guess what? I didn’t get mad. I didn’t get phased in the least way. In fact, I closed the link down and opened my email browser so I could thank the reviewer for their comments. I was genuinely thankful that they’d even given it the time of day to read it and shared with the world what they thought about it. I hope they accepted my thanks as such and now I can move on to the next reviewer. Their review may still spark others to see if their opinion is true or if it’s really a five out of five stars type of book (which I think it is ;-)). Remember, book reviews/opinions breathe life into books. And the review I received today, did just that, gave my book more life; more attention; more options for people to decipher through.

I write all of this to point out that sometimes people won’t immediately or fully accept your passion (that’s if you choose to publicly share it). Some will criticize and out right rebuke your efforts all together. You can’t be moved by those moments though. At least you shouldn’t be negatively moved by the those moments. You always have to stay focused on the reason you’re even following your passion in the first place. Hopefully, its solely to bring happiness to your life. You can’t impress everyone. Heck, you may not impress anyone, but as long as you’re genuinely and persistently following your passion, you’re doing everything right!

Your passion is for you regardless of what it is. You may need the support/opinions of others to fuel progress with your passion (if it requires that), but all in all as long as you’re following your passion out loud then don’t be phased by what others think! I really want to share this point because sometimes people need encouragement to keep on their passion after they received not-so-good feedback. You’re living that passion for a reason! Keep at it!

Want to check out the review? Click here.

Also, there is sale going on today through Sunday, the 22nd for “Enough Time”, only on! Don’t miss out!

Until the next posting —>>>> continue LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

From the Womb…

passion wombHappy Monday Passionistas!!!

Did you know that you were already equipped with everything you need to become the greater you from the womb?

Seriously, you were. That means whatever your passion is, you’re equipped with the internal resources to make it a part of your daily life. I’m a firm believer that your passion is a gift, it’s given to you at birth. While it may take some years to realize what your passion is, it’s already within you from the womb. Sometimes it takes life events to help us realize what our passions are, but the fact that your ability to live out that passion always exists. With the right attention and nurturing, your passion can become your life’s work.

Your passion will seem very natural to you. It will seem natural because that’s what you were born with. Just like the air you breathe in and out feels effortless, living out your passion does the same. It won’t seem to take up time from your daily life, yet your regular life will seem to take up time from your passion.You’ll crave to give it the most attention possible.

The best part of about having a passion is that no one can take it away from you. What’s given to you is yours to keep forever. What happens with your passion depends solely on your decisions, your actions, and your belief in self. Don’t take for granted what was specifically designed for you! Your passion is your destiny! LIVE IT OUT LOUD!


Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here…

Started From the BottomFor those of you who may be fans of hip hop artist, Drake, you’re probably already wondering what this post could possibly be about according to its title. As much as his song, “Started From the Bottom” may not have immediate relevance to my blog, as usual I’m going to make it work.

Living passionately takes a certain amount of effort or persistent movement towards your desired outcome. Every goal; every desire to live out a dream begins from an idea. For the sake of this post, we’ll call the idea, ‘the bottom’ (not a negated bottom~bottom as in the beginning). If you’re already living your passion out loud, you may remember when you felt you were at ‘the bottom’. You allowed the idea to roll around in your head, possibly even jotting down the idea on paper from time to time, but at some point you began doing something about that idea. Maybe it’s only been a month since you began following your passion. You could even be in your fifth year following your passion. The point is you’re finally out of that ‘idea’ state and actually doing something with your passion. Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you feel just a bit more fulfilled in life; with a greater spark of happiness? You started from the bottom, with an idea, and today you can say you’re further along with following your passion.

Even if you can’t put yourself in this category, the great thing about it all is that you can work towards being in that category. Think about if you could wake up in two weeks after actually putting action to your passion and say that you’re somewhere different with it. It’s no longer just an idea. I believe as humans we all want to be greater later; better than yesterday; moving upward and onward. Moving from just an idea (the bottom) to a state of action is what life should be all about. What if tomorrow you could proudly say, “I was at the bottom, now I’m here”? I don’t want you to wake up two weeks from now, a year or so and still be at the idea stage of your passion. I want you to be inspired to actively seek out your growth in your passion.

Growth is what I desire for myself and all those that read this post. Push yourself to start or continue with that idea; that passion of yours. Inspire yourself to grab a hold and maintain your own happiness. Who knows where your actions will take you ~ the sky is the LIMIT!!!

Until the next post, remember to LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD! Don’t forget to join the Passion Grind Movement and take your happiness by the reign!

Roll It Out…

Roll It Out

Hello Passionistas!!!! I hope all is well in your corner. Me? Just trying to keep at it; maintaining a mood of inspiration for my passion! ­čśë

If you’re anything like me then your brain is always running about a million miles a minute. You’re always planning and thinking, thinking and planning, but what about the action? Today I just wanted to take a brief moment and encourage you to take that plan that swirls around in your brain and roll it out!

What’s a dream without any action? What’s a passion without the oomph to follow it? Plainly put ~ ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Don’t do yourself or your passion an injustice by letting it marinate in your head. Take a piece of paper or sit down at a computer and write out what and how you’re going to move it from the state of an idea to an action. Your thoughts were not created for the purpose of thinking alone, but for the purpose of bringing joy to your heart; becoming the definition of your happiness.

So… what are you waiting for? ROLL IT OUT!!!



No Shortcuts…

scissorsPut the scissors away. Stop looking for the yellow brick road. No there isn’t an easy or seamless way to your dreams.

With yesterday being my anniversary as an author, I reflected a lot on my journey to this point. I realized that the most important fact that came out of it is that anything worth having is worth putting in the hard work for it. I didn’t become an author by treading some shortcut to it. I had to put on some elbow grease and ‘wax on’ and ‘wax off’ my way to my goal. I think society, including outlets such as TV, internet, social media etc, make goals seem so easy to achieve. It’s easy to think the person we see on TV with the millions of┬á dollars or the big houses, etc. got it all by waking up one day and walking right up to their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, you do have those individuals that may have been silver spoon fed some dreams, but the true appreciation of the achievement of a dream usually comes from the grit and grind (shout out to the Memphis Grizzlies ;-)) of working hard.

After six years, now seven, I can officially call myself Author Christin Webb, but never could I have just sat around and waited for it to happen. Many people will argue that self-publishing is a saturated avenue and usually includes under talented writers, but I argue that self-publishing allows people to make their dreams happen. If you’re familiar with the publishing world, traditional publishing can take years and years before being accepted by an agency and then published. Self-publishing also requires a lot of work by the author to be 100% active in their goal. I wrote the book, found an editor to edit the book, found a printer to print the book, marketed the book, etc. I’m getting tired thinking about all the hard work that went into making my dream/passion a public reality. I researched, created a plan, and starting crawling. Heck, I’m barely walking because I’m still learning, but I’m still in it for the reward of obtaining my goal through hard work. There was no easy way to the finish line. I just had to do and take EVERY step that was required to get there.

Are you taking the full road to your dreams or still looking for shortcuts? Either way good luck!

Until next time, keep LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD! Oh yeah, don’t forget to join the Passion Grind Movement. Stop by the Passion Grind Movement page today and take the pledge!


CWebbToday is such a great day for me! It’s my anniversary! On this day, exactly twelve months ago I officially became Author Christin Webb. It feels so good to achieve a goal that I spent over twenty years wanting. After all my excuses, fears, doubts, trials and tribulations, I finally stopped negating the possibility.

On September 8, 2012, I self-published my first inspirational novel, “Enough Time”. It’s what I consider to be my best written piece to date. And while it is fiction, it entails so many of my beliefs on life, it reveals some of my own experiences, and proves that redemption is always an option for anyone, including myself. ­čśë I say its inspirational because once you get past all the drama and juicy plots, it has so much residue for inspiring moments of change and encouragement.

What do I want to do next? As relates to my writing, I plan on continuing by publishing at least two more books within the next five years. Five years to some seems like a long time, but I want to be sure to take my time, plan well and produce a good quality piece of work that captures my growth as a writer perfectly. I also hope to continue screenwriting. Writing and producing my first short film definitely ignited a new passion for me. I realize that I’m not limited to only a computer word processing system, blog, or paperback book, but I can share my written thoughts on screen as well.

Of course, I couldn’t have done this alone. There are people who have been in my corner, encouraging me, inspiring me, giving me opportunities and platforms and flat out supporting me throughout this process. Here are a few people I definitely couldn’t overlook when writing this update:

Wintrell Pittman (adviser on the entire book publishing process)

Sheree R Thomas (award winning editor that edited “Enough Time” and inspiration)

Brenda Joysmith (world-renowned artist and owner of Joysmith Galleries where my book release was held. I just appreciate being able to have my release at a memorable location)

Raf Valentino (film director/co-producer of the “Enough Time” book trailer)

Will Henry (producer of book trailer soundtrack)

Cornelius Brown (motivated me to keep moving and did a review of the first draft)

Linda Evans (supported me greatly through some tough patches)

Mario Reed (gave me insight to my marketing process)

Roger Pearson (created the book cover)

Ari Hotep (author headshot photographer)

The journey has been awesome and I look forward to what the future holds. I’m more confident in myself, my abilities, and my future! I’m going to continue living passionately out loud and maintain my own happiness. To keep up with me and what I’m doing next as the author, stop by my website: Author Christin Webb ( today! Don’t forget to join the Passion Grind Movement and be active in your happiness. Check out a few pics of my journey from the last year!

author pics 1 author pics 3 author pics 2

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